Toddler Skorts

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For the spring and summer, skorts are a great alternative because they look like a skirt, but have a pair of shorts sewn inside. For young girls, skorts are an especially attractive option because they give the look of a dressier skirt, but are better suited to running on the playground or sitting on the floor. Toddler skorts come in many different fabrics and can be paired with virtually anything in order to achieve looks from play casual to dressy sophisticated.

Seasons for Skorts

Depending on the region and the weather, the most common seasons for skorts are spring and summer. While it's possible to wear a skort in colder seasons by pairing it with tights, it is actually quite rare to see skorts worn with tights or leggings. Despite being rare, it is, of course, an option. Skorts made of corduroy or velvet lend themselves well to pairing with tights.

In spring in some regions, and especially in summer, skorts are a common sight. On playgrounds and in preschool classrooms, this look is fun and feminine, but still allows young girls to play freely without exposing their underwear or a diaper. Spring and summer versions are often made of cotton, but can also be made of denim. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve that day, a skort can be paired with a dressy top and matching hair accessory, or simply worn with a color coordinated T-shirt. Shoes that look good with toddler skorts are canvas Mary Janes, Crocs, and sandals. For very casual outfits, sneakers and flip flops are also good options.

Colors and Fabrics

Because parents typically choose this particular piece of clothing in order to allow their daughters to play freely, skorts often come in dark colors and sturdy fabrics. Darker colors don't show stains from grass and dirt as easily, and durable fabrics do not rip and generally last longer than thin fabrics. Popular colors include red and blue, and more feminine dark pinks and purples. You might also buy light yellows and shades of white and cream if you are looking for a dressier outfit that will be worn only indoors. Pastels are good for going to preschool if the kids don't have outdoor recess time.

Sturdy fabrics include heavy cottons and cotton blends. If you live in a warm climate, you may want to steer clear of polyester blends because they feel even hotter on summer days. Avoid light knits if your child will wear the skort outside; delicate fabrics can rip on edges and get pulled out of shape during play. Very thin corduroy is another durable option, but watch out for thick corduroys, which are usually too warm for skort weather.

Shopping for Toddler Skorts

Toddler skorts are popular and can be found in some local stores. If you prefer online shopping, try some of these sources:

Best Dressed Kids: This online shop has a wide selection of skorts in toddler and children's sizes. A full range of colors is available, in both solids and contemporary prints. 

Best Dressed Tot: With a frequently changing inventory, this webshop always has a small selection of adorable toddler skorts, some of which are separates and some of which come as part of cute outfits.

Buy Buy Baby: Featuring a great selection of girls' clothing, and so much more, this shop sells a variety of fleece skorts in infant and toddler sizes and several different colors.

Popular Fashions

Depending on the occasion, pair a skort with a feminine hoodie for a laid-back look, or a cute tank top for a play outfit. For more formal occasions, go with a fancier blouse or sweater set, and pair the skort with Mary Janes or ballet flats to dress it up. Almost anywhere your daughter is going, a skort can be the basis of the perfect outfit. Not only will a skort provide a put-together look, but it will also allow your daughter to play freely and you to not worry about what might be revealed while she's swinging on a swing or upside-down on the monkey bars.

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Toddler Skorts