Toddler Overalls

Summer Fun in Overalls

For fun and easy clothing in the summertime, toddler overalls are an excellent choice. Not only do they have timeless appeal, but they are also functional both for the child wearing them as well as for the adults doing the laundry. They are extremely durable and can get a little dirty and still look great.

Toddler Overalls for Girls

Overalls are not just for boys! Some of the cutest fashions for young girls include overalls. Classic blue jean overalls with a pink top become feminine, or aim for truly feminine by choosing pink overalls.

Pink Corduroy
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These adorable corduroy overalls with a flower motif make a great outfit for toddler girls. As functional as denim overalls, these also provide a very girly look. Costing over $50, they are a bit expensive for toddler clothing; however, they are durable and adorable, meaning they can be passed on to new wearers multiple times.

Overalls like Dad's
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These Carhartt overalls are just as rugged as Dad's Carhartt's. Available starting at size two, these are perfect for older toddlers who are on the run. Made of 100 percent cotton, these overalls feature top quality at an excellent price.

Overall Shorts
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For really warm weather, overalls can be worn in shorts styles instead of pants. With a T-shirt underneath, or even a bare chest, these shortalls from Levi's are a good value for summer wardrobes for toddler boys and girls. The inexpensive price tag can't be beat!

Unisex Styling
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Many pairs of toddler overalls are unisex in their color and cut. While some options are clearly for boys or for girls, these adorable equestrian-theme pants can easily be integrated into a toddler boy's or a toddler girl's wardrobe. These make a great gift.

Outdoor Toddler Overalls
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For toddlers with outdoorsy parents, these 'Muddy Buddy' overalls are a great invention. Aimed to keep clothing clean, and keep mud, moisture, and wind at bay, these overalls are pure functionality. They are available in sizes 12 months to 4T.

Signature Styles

Whether you choose overalls for your toddler because they are functional or cute, know that they almost always make a fashion statement. A classic piece of children's clothing history, toddler overalls evoke images of happy, healthy children with an active lifestyle.

Classic Clothing

As classic summer clothing for boys, toddler overalls make their way into many children's wardrobes. The options are virtually endless. Overalls are for every season, and overalls for girls are just as classic as overalls for boys.

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Toddler Overalls