Toddler Neckties

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Sometimes a toddler needs to look especially handsome for a photo session, the holidays, or a special event. There are neckties of all kinds on the market for them, in fun styles your little one will be excited to wear.

Pre-Tied Toddler Ties

Looking for a regular tie that goes around the neck and ties in front, just like a traditional tie for men? You won't even have to keep your toddler still enough to successfully tie the knot because most of them are pre-tied and wrap around the neck with elastic or attach with Velcro at the back.


The Kilofly Pre-Tied Neck Strap Ties are adjustable and come in sets of five for less than $20.00 so you get variety at a totally reasonable price. When you purchase a set for your toddler, you can get several years of use from them, as the adjustable neck strap allows them to grow with your child. For example, one size works for ages 24 months to four years. Though these aren't that expensive to begin with, it makes it an even better purchase to know that you'll get to use them for a couple of years, since a tie is not an item that's likely to be worn frequently at this age.

These sets offer a range of color schemes, too, instead of several patterns within the same color family. Most sets offer a mix of patterns and solids. The only negative here is the fact that they need to be dry cleaned.

Kilofly Pre-Tied Neck Strap Ties
Kilofly Pre-Tied Neck Strap Ties


The Gassani Pre-Tied Kids Necktie is a more expensive option at just under $20.00 for a single tie. Since these 11-inch ties have an elastic strap, they're quick and easy to get on and off and can fit a range of neck sizes. They're a beautiful finishing touch for tiny dress clothes.

The Clip-on Option

Skip the drama and some of the safety concerns with a clip-on option. These are already tied and don't require much time to put on, perfect for adding to an outfit the last few minutes before a family photo shoot.


TieMart has just that. There's a surprising number of colors, including bubblegum pink, claret, bronze, lime green, lapis, purple, olive, and more. Each one is around $11.00, so you can stock up if you need to without waiting for a sale (though sometimes a few colors at a time do go on sale). The 11-inch ties are recommended for boys up to two to five years old, and the 14-inch ties are best for ages six to 10.

Boys Solid Color Clip-On Tie
Boys Solid Color Clip-On Tie

Tie Outlet

Tie Outlet has clip-on options in all colors, for just over $2.00 each. Choose the microfiber 8-inch or 11-inch tie option for toddlers. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a pattern you won't find it here, but if you need a solid color, this might be the site you need. It clips on, of course, so it may not be best for the kids who will try to take their accessories off at every turn, but it does come without some of the safety concerns that other options have.

One other big con to shopping on this site is the fact that the minimum purchase amount is $100.00, so it may only be an option if you have friends and family members who also have boys in need of ties and want to stock up on colors. If you're responsible for putting together uniforms for a group of boys, this could also be a good fit.



Walmart has clip-on ties for toddlers but they're only available in the longer of the two recommended lengths at 11 inches. Choose from ties with a satin finish in colors like red, royal blue, yellow, navy blue, black, and more. You can order them for just under $15.00 each, making this one of the more expensive options. However, there's no minimum purchase order here, so it's worth it if you only need one or two.

Absolute Ties

Absolute Ties has a few options that will fit toddlers, though most of the boys' ties are better for ages six and up. Take a look at the Spooky Halloween Squares, Frosty the Snowman, and the Formal ties for clip-on styles in the 11-inch length. These are all under $15.00.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are fun, quirky, and you can pair them up with suspenders for an extra dose of adorableness and charm.

TieMart Bowties

These solid color bow ties are ideal if you're in need of a bow tie for a toddler. Their designs are for babies to 10-year-olds and they come in a wide range of colors for about $7.00 each. Colors include red, Caribbean blue, emerald green, sapphire, graphite gray, black, and more.

This style has a hook-and-eye closure that makes it somewhat easy to put on, but perhaps not the least difficult option if you have a squirmy toddler who doesn't really want to wear a tie on your hands. That said, once it's on, it might be easier for the toddler to forget about since it won't extend down the front of his shirt and remind him that it's there. It may stay on better than some other options.

Boys' Mint Green Bow Tie
Boys' Mint Green Bow Tie

Zakka Republic

This pre-tied bow tie has an adjustable strap and comes in a set of six for under $15.00. You'll be able to get quite a bit of use out of these bow ties since they're designed to work for children ages one to seven. There's a good mix of red, blue, and green patterns here, so there's something for almost every formal outfit.

The patterns are fun to look at but traditional, not outlandish, so there's little risk that he'll decide he's tired of them the way he might if the ties had dinosaurs, trucks, or some other favorite toy or hobby represented on them. The neck strap is 16 inches and since it's adjustable, it can expand as your child grows.

Beau Ties

If you and your toddler love the look of bow ties, you definitely won't want to miss Beau Ties. There are so many cute designs, like Music Notes and Quarterback. There are pages of options to choose from - most for just over $33.00 - and you can choose from Freestyle, Clip-on, or Pre-tied. Check their sizing chart to be sure, but most toddler boys should be fine in the medium size.

Tips and Safety Precautions

Of course, you'll never want to leave your toddler unattended with a tie around his neck and you'll want to remove it for nap time. In some cases, you may prefer to wait until the very last minute to put the tie on him, maybe along with a suit jacket. Put it on in the car outside church or right before you get set up for family photos.

The right solution for your toddler will depend in part on his willingness to wear accessories. If he loves them and wears ties or other accessories proudly, go with any style. If not, you could use a bow tie and hope he forgets about it after a little distraction. Want something quick and easy to put on? Try the elastic neck bands or a clip-on. No matter what, a toddler boy in any kind of necktie will be absolutely adorable.

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