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Image of Jennifer Fritz
Jennifer Fritz and her daughter, Charlotte

Cashmere is a luxuriously soft material that may not immediately come to mind when a parent is thinking about clothing for her child. However, Bambeeno Cashmere proves that luxury can be affordable for even the tiniest of tots. LoveToKnow spoke with one of the founders, Jennifer Fritz, for more about this unique fabric and the company.

The Cashmere Factor

LoveToKnow (LTK): Why cashmere?

JF: It is soft, so children love to wear it, and it wears very well and washes even better. Plus, our cashmere is not too thick, so it breathes very well while still keeping children warm. I prefer cashmere myself to other knits. It is warm and doesn't itch and can be many different weights, making it seasonless.

Choosing Cashmere Type

LTK: You offer items that are pure cashmere as well as cashmere/cotton blends. What are some of the reasons a parent might choose one over the other? Any advantages to either?

JF: Typically, parents buy the cotton blend in the summer months and cashmere in the winter months. Also, price is a factor for some people.

Changing Fashions

Cashmere Lobster Crew
Cashmere Lobster Crew

LTK: How often do you release new fashions?

JF: We offer new collections in the fall/holiday season and again in the spring/summer months. Items in the spring and summer collections are for the most part lighter weight (cotton/cashmere knits are quite popular during this time, and they are less heavy and even more breathable). For winter, we have several blankets, newborn sets, hats, booties and infant sets and are adding more hats and mittens next season.

Bambeeno Cashmere

Bambeeno Cashmere was formed in 2007 by Jennifer Fritz and Whitney O'Brien. The two women met at Middlebury College in Vermont. Back then, they dreamed about one day having careers in fashion. They remained friends over the years and are now business partners. Even though Bambeeno is affordable enough for the ordinary family, there are quite a few celebrities who purchase from this line of children's clothing, including Kelly Rutherford, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Bridget Moynihan, and Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Laura Ingraham.

About Jennifer Fritz

Cashmere Octopus Crew
Cashmere Octopus Crew

LTK: Can you tell us a little about how you first got interested in children's fashions?

JF: Who doesn't love children's clothing? It is all so little and cute! I was always interested in clothes and fashion, since I was ten years old. In college, I realized I'd like to pursue fashion as a career. Now that I have a daughter, I gravitate towards clothing that is sweet, stylish and playful - plus good to play in, too!

LTK: I know you spent several years as a fashion merchandiser for companies like Talbot's and J. Crew. How do you think this experience has helped you with your own fashion line?

JF: I assort the collection, finalize colors and decide how much depth to buy in each style and color based on history and trends. I draw on my experience as a merchant to do that.

LTK: You have a business partner in Bambeeno, who was actually your roommate back in college. What does each of you bring to the table with the business?

JF: Whitney is creative and visual and loves to focus on design and marketing. I focus on design and also on building the assortment, sales and production.

Inspiration Behind the Line

LTK: Where do you get your inspiration for new clothes for the line?

JF: From my own daughter and things I would like to put her in. Sometimes friends and family members give me ideas or I see kids at the playground or the park and it puts an idea in my head. My ideas don't just come from one place. I also repeat our basic styles and update them with some new colors each season.

Where to Buy Bambeeno

Bambeeno Cashmere clothing can be purchased online and at dozens of retail locations across the United States. "I also designed an exclusive collection for Barneys New York that will be available on their website and in their Manhattan and Beverly Hills locations," she added. Bambeeno Cashmere is beginning to change the preconceived notion that cashmere is only for special occasions.

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