Infant Glitz Pageant Dresses

Glitzy pageant dresses for babies

Infant glitz pageant dresses are an essential for tiny beauty contestants. The right dress is the difference between a first place trophy and a total loss. The key to snagging the perfect dress at the best price is to look for discounted girl's pageant dresses and special offers.

About Infant Pageants

Baby pageants, to put it simply, are beauty contests for babies who are decked out in infant glitz pageant dresses. While many believe infant pageant events are too sexist and exploit the children involved, others see them as just another venue for proud parents to have the opportunity to dress up their child and enjoy some recognition. Regardless of the reason for entering a baby in one of these contests, be prepared to invest some serious money in these baby gowns and accessories.

Where to Buy Pageant Dresses

While you may be able to find just the right dress at a local bridal shop or boutique, if you live in a rural area or do not have ready access to such shops, shopping via the Internet saves time and money. If you know the brand or style of dress you want, you can limit your search to just those terms, but don't be afraid to think out of the box and consider unusual styles or little-known designers. Dressing your infant in a one-of-a-kind dress is the best way to stand out from a crowd of competitors dressed in look-alike styles. Shop at stores like these for unique pageant dresses:

National Pageant Dresses: Whether you are entry level or national level competitors, the tremendous selection offered here is sure to contain the perfect pageant dress for your baby. Control your pageant costs by browsing through their budget priced collection, or slash expenses even further by shopping at their companion store: Bethany's Pageant/Tuxedo/Dancewear.

So Sweet Boutique: Make a difference for a needy child when you purchase a dress from So Sweet Boutique. A donation is made to Feed the Children from pageant dress sales. Top that off with free shipping and no sales tax on qualifying orders, and it is hard to think of a reason not to shop here.

Dressy Girls,Inc.: Their corporate focus is supplying top designer brands for newborns to size 16 to assure customers of having a wide range of designer gowns from brands like Tiffany, Ritzee Girls and Posh Angels from which to choose.

Sleeveless styles are perennial favorites, but tiny cap sleeves or short sleeves give dresses an almost sheer look with just a hint of coverage. Remember that long gowns could cause emergent walkers to trip or fall, while short hemlines accessorized with matching bloomers or tights make the outfit pop.

Pageant Accessories

While infant glitz pageant dresses are the main attraction and a key part of pageant strategy, remember to include funds in your budget for accessories to complete the look. Slips and crinolines make the dresses look better. Shoes, socks, or tights are other crucial components. Fun accessories like hair bands and bows or tiaras are always good choices as is complementary pageant jewelry. However, whether the result is a major win or a disappointing loss, for most individuals the joy of dressing up their child is its own reward.

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Infant Glitz Pageant Dresses