Girls' Tennis Apparel

Girls' tennis clothing

Are you wondering whether to invest in girls' tennis apparel? If your child has just started taking lessons, you may want to wait and see how she likes the game before sinking a lot of money into a sport-specific wardrobe. However, if your child is a tennis lover, you are probably researching girls sports clothing to see what is available and how much it costs.

Styles of Tennis Apparel

The wide range of styles and types of girls' tennis apparel is overwhelming. Fortunately, she does not need one of each of these:

  • Tops: tees, tanks and polos
  • Dresses
  • Hats and visors
  • Low, quarter and crew cut socks
  • Panties and shorties
  • Skorts, shorts and skirts
  • Pants and jackets
  • Warm-ups

Odds are her coach or teacher has specific requirements about the types of tennis clothing she needs and will give you a list. Keep your costs low by comparison shopping at several stores before making a buying decision.

To get the best buy, look for fabrics with good wicking ability that will feel cool and comfortable while she is playing. White reflects the sunlight and is cooler than colored fabrics. Tennis clothes made from cotton and polyester blends or polyester and spandex blends look great and feel terrific. The small amount of spandex gives the fabric some stretch so it moves with the child's body and allows her a full range of motion for the most challenging shots.

Where to Buy Girls' Tennis Apparel

You can find girls' tennis clothing at a local pro shop or athletic wear store, but the selection may not be as wide as you would wish. In addition, if you live in a rural area, such stores may be far away or non-existent. To have access to the largest selection and save time while comparing prices, consider shopping online with merchants like these:

  • Mansion Select: Save time by buying tennis apparel for the entire family from Mansion Select. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders and shop 24/7.
  • Champion: Select from an extensive line of girls' athletic and tennis clothing.
  • Tennis Warehouse: Shop and save on top brand names like Adidas, Fila, Hilo and Little Miss Tennis. Overnight shipping is available for rush orders.

If you do not mind doing some digging to find a great bargain, outlet stores for brands like Nike or Adidas may contain some treasures. While they may not have a large stock of clothing from which to choose, you could find some shorts, skorts or tops, or snag a huge discount on athletic footwear.

Protecting Your Investment

Girls' tennis apparel is expensive, even if you use all your shopping savvy and cut as many corners as possible. Properly maintaining these garments extends their wearable life and increases the return on investment. Follow these guidelines to keep them clean and serviceable for the maximum length of time:

  1. Read the manufacturer's care labels, and follow the instructions to the letter. If the label says, "Do not bleach," there is a reason; bleach could degrade the fabric and cause it to wear out faster. Try commercial spot removers and pre-treatments on stains.
  2. Turn the clothing inside out prior to washing.
  3. Use warm or cold water and the gentlest cycle on the machine.
  4. Wash with a mild, gentle detergent, like Woolite, that is formulated for delicate fabrics.
  5. Use the lowest heat setting on the dryer, and store the garments appropriately. For instance, fold tops and bottoms and store flat, but hang dresses to support the shoulders and keep their shape. Hang pants by the hem from pants hangers, but hang skirts from the waistband.

With a little tender loving care, your child's tennis clothing will look crisp and fresh whenever she needs it and give her the longest, most enjoyable wear.

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Girls' Tennis Apparel