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About Girls' Swimsuits

As girls grow, their personal sense of taste and style begins to develop. In the early years, choosing swimsuits is easy, but as girls pass through each growth stage, they will likely want to make more and more of their own swimwear choices. Parents still need to help guide those choices, while allowing girls enough space to express their individuality. As any mom or dad knows, it's a fine line. Girls' swimsuits come in all shapes and sizes. Select a frilly skirted suit for an adorably feminine look, or a more sporty suit for those "Tom Girl" types.


Toddler Swimwear

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting toddler girls' swimwear.

  • Sun exposure is a major consideration. Toddler skin is very delicate, and is more likely to burn than tan. Sunscreen is an absolute must for this age group, but certain styles of swimwear will also help protect those little shoulders from receiving too much sun.

T-shirt top-style swimsuits are an adorable way to cover more of her body while still allowing her to swim and play in the sand. You also won't need to constantly move drooping straps back onto your little one's shoulders. These suits usually come with shorts-type bottoms instead of the standard scoop-style bikini bottom.

Some manufacturers are now building sun protection right into their swimsuit designs. Lands' End produces adorable swimsuits for girls with an SP factor of 40. Exposed areas will still require sunscreen lotion, but it's nice to know that extra protection is in place.

  • Diaper changing needs are also very important for this age group. Toddlers may be in various stages of potty training, and so easy access is crucial for changes and fast potty breaks.

Two-piece swimsuits are the perfct answer when those bottoms need to be removed in a hurry. A one-piece swimsuit requires much more coordination to remove, proving harder for very young girls to negotiate.

  • Water safety is also of supreme importance. Floating swimwear includes a buoyant panel built right into the swimsuit. It's no substitute for a watchful parent or care-taker, but these suits provide an added level of safety protection for children who have not yet learned to swim.

Young Girls' Swimwear

Young girl in a swimsuit running along the beach

Board shorts are one of the hottest swimwear styles, for girls as well as boys. These sporty swim bottoms come in two lengths for moderate to greater coverage. The materials used are very light to allow quicker drying time, making them perfect for surf or shore.

Board shorts also transcend into the realm of teen swimwear for girls who prefer a slightly less feminine suit. Pair these shorts with a bikini top or a solid one piece for a great look.

Girls in this intermediate age range may also enjoy the versatility that a tankini swimsuit offers. Tops and bottoms come in such a variety of colors, prints and style that it's possible to mix and match a few pieces to stretch that swimwear wardrobe.

Teen Swimwear

No matter which style is selected, teenage girls will likely want slightly more revealing swimsuits than they wore as younger girls. Parents may not be as comfortable with this new level of exposure, but a happy medium solution is at hand.

A sarong is a very stylish cover-up that can help reduce your teen's body exposure when out of the water. The sarong may be worn at the hips, which perfectly suits one-piece styles, or tied around the bust line as the perfect complement to a bikini. Either way, a sarong looks terrific, and is an accessory no teenage girl should be without.

Favorite Manufacturers

High quality, fashionable girls' swimsuits are easily found from the following manufactures/retail outlets.

Satisfying One and All

While it may not be possible to please everyone all of the time, with a little discussion and "meeting in the middle," parents and girls should be able to find at least one swimsuit per season that makes everyone happy. Surely, there's enough variety out there to satisfy even the most hard-to-please girl, whether she prefers flowers, stripes or no pattern at all on her swimwear.

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Girls' Swimsuits