Girls' Silver Shrugs

Silver fabric

Girls' silver shrugs are a sweet choice for kids on the go, particularly ones who like to dress up during special occasions. Children with a taste for the fanciful and elegant tend to like silver shrugs, but they're not the easiest pieces to find. Shop for your silver shrug more conveniently at one of the locations listed below, and use styling tips to help your child wear her silver shrug on more than just a single special occasion.

Match a Silver Shrug to a Wardrobe

If you dress them up right, silver shrugs can be fun. Some children like to create their own combinations from scratch, while others will simply ask you to add a silver accessory to their ensembles. Get ready to play the matching game.

  • Choose a metallic dress for your little princess--adding a silver shrug to the look will dress jazz up a cute girl's frock. Add some matching silver shoes. If a child wants to really take things up a notch, a little tiara is the best accessory of all.
  • Select patterned dresses to set off the wide expanse of plain, solid silver on your kid's shrug. For party time, you can select a silver petticoat to wear underneath the dress.
  • Look for silver accessories to match a silver shrug in winter. Some options include angora-blend hats, scarves and gloves speckled with silver-metallic threads, which will pick up the shine in your child's shrug.
  • Look for fun silver socks or shoes to encourage your child to wear the shrug they asked for. If your child wants to flaunt a matching silver accessory while they wear their shrug, this is also a smart choice.

Care for a Shrug

Shrugs are usually treated as wash-and-wear, but a specialty item should be treated with more care. When a piece is hard to find, it's a lot more difficult to figure out how to treat it.

  • When you wash a silver shrug, do not bleach it. Don't even use color-safe bleach. Instead, dip the shrug into cold water with a little Woolite detergent, rinse and don't wring it.
  • Allow the shrug to dry flat. When it is drying, gently reshape the sleeves and hemline to avoid any twisting or drying problems that can occur with improper treatment. After the shrug dries, don't hang it up--instead, try folding it and storing it in a cabinet.

Buy Girls' Silver Shrugs and Accessories

A silver shrug is not going to be easy to find when the peanut gallery is demanding one. If you're smart, you'll have the right place already picked out to buy the piece you want so you don't have to scramble at the end.

Macy's has been known to carry kid's shrugs in metallic fabrics, and these are frequently marked down.

Cookie's Kids World stocks sequined tops that look outstanding when paired with a simple kids' shrug.

For the kid who dresses up in true costumes, silver shrugs are also available at Costume Craze's costume section. The Hannah Montana costume, for example, comes with a fun silver shrug for kids.

Don't forget that Etsy is a great place for kids to buy their own custom-fitted shrug in silver or any other metallic.

Girls' silver shrugs and all the accessories are a perfect present for a child's birthday or for the holidays, so your first step should be to find the perfect girl to give one to. Do you have someone in mind who will appreciate wearing a silver shrug? If you do, it's a great time to start browsing.

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Girls' Silver Shrugs