Denim Leggings for Girls

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Girls' denim leggings come in different styles and washes, and although they're cute as a starting point for any kind of outfit, they're especially helpful for turning summer wardrobes into a collection of fall ensembles. They're comfortable and generally stretchier than regular jeans, so they're more comfortable to play in and offer a wider range of motion for active girls.

Shopping for Girls' Jean Leggings

Denim leggings are available for toddlers through teenage girls, and they're generally inexpensive. You can find them at almost any store girls' clothing is sold.


You can count on Target to have the trendy styles you want. Depending on where you live, you may not even have to order online, making this an accessible option where you can get a feel for the fabric, construction, and fit before you make any kind of commitment.

  • Cat and Jack Faux Denim Leggings are priced under $10 and wonderful for layering under dresses and tunics and then tucking into boots or enjoying with sandals or sneakers. They're available in XS to XL and made to be shrink-resistant and durable. They'll hold up to playgrounds, and they're easy to care for when it's time to throw them in the wash.
  • There are also Cat and Jack leggings in toddler sizes. These have the same skinny fit, durability, and elastic waistband as the others. They're about a dollar cheaper per pair, so it's not so bad if you need to stock up so your little one has something to wear under dresses and skirts on the playground or just at school in general.
    Girls' Leggings - Cat & Jack? Faux Denim
    Girls' Leggings - Cat & Jack? Faux Denim


When you shop at H&M, you'll see a variety of washes in leggings that look more like pants than the average pair of cotton leggings. They still have the comfort of the elastic waistband, but the stitching and overall appearance look more like what you find on actual blue jeans.

  • Casual, distressed light blue jean leggings are one option for girls in sizes 18 months to 9/10 years. They have mock pockets and real back pockets for the look of actual jeans, but they have the elastic waistband and slim fit of leggings.
  • You can even get a two-pack leggings set in the 18-month to 9/10-year sizing for under $40.00. The set comes with one solid and one pattern (in this case, dark denim and a star print on lighter denim).


Kohl's carries Levi's denim leggings for girls for around $20.00 per pair. Different washes, embellishments, and even colors are available. These leggings are made to look great and be durable and easy to care for.

  • The super skinny (and stretchy) Sabrina Denim Leggings are available in 2T through 4T in a deserted indigo wash. They have five pockets total, and the two back pockets have hummingbirds embroidered on them for a little extra detail.
  • If you want color, there are the Girls' 4-6X Levi's Denim Leggings, which come in a bright blue shade and five-pocket style. These offer an adjustable waistband and zipper instead of a standard elastic band many leggings styles have.
    Girls 4-6x Levi's Denim Leggings
    Girls 4-6x Levi's Denim Leggings


At GAP, you'll find a couple of styles and washes for under $40.00.

  • The High Stretch Jegging has a medium wash and elastic waistband. It's available in sizes four to 18 and comes in regular, slim, and plus sizes. They're mid-rise and have a 23.5-inch inseam.
  • There are also knit jean leggings, available in Dark Night and True Black, in sizes 18-24 months through 5 years. These have the same pull-on style and skinny, stretchy fit.
    High Stretch Jegging
    High Stretch Jegging


Amazon also has several options, from washes and styles to embellishments and other details.

  • The Carter's Denim Legging comes in sizes 2T through eight. Prices range from around $10.00 to just over $20.00. This legging has a pull-on style with an elastic waistband and stretch fabric, so it's perfect for climbing. They're only available in a dark wash.
  • The Abalaco Girls' Denim Legging has an ombre effect that's lighter around the bottom and darker toward the thighs and waist. It has an elastic waist, five pockets, and detailing around the ankles.
    Abalaco Girls Kids Jeans Cotton Shading Denim Legging Stretch Waist Skinny Pants
    Abalaco Girls Denim Legging

How to Wear Them

Leggings are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing a girl can own, regardless of age. Pair them with:

  • Tunics or sweaters with boots or flats
  • Button-ups with flats
  • Dresses that are a little too short to wear on their own after a small growth spurt
  • Skirts and T-shirts for warmth or modesty on the playground
  • Jumpers and loafers, in place of tights
  • Long tank tops and flip-flops

The Fit

Since most of the jean leggings on the market have adjustable or elastic waistbands, you'll have a little flexibility with the sizing. You'll want to make sure the elastic is comfortable, of course, and not cutting into the skin or falling down, but you can focus more on getting the right length in most styles. Take into account potential shrinkage (especially in length) when making your purchase and consider going with the next larger size if the little girl is between sizes or especially tall.

Although leggings are relatively inexpensive, going with a larger size also means you'll get more time out of them before they're added to the pile of clothing your child has outgrown. However, if your child is between sizes, doesn't need the length from the larger size, and the elastic isn't tight, you can size down and still get quite a bit of wear from the leggings.

Love the Denim Leggings

Denim leggings can be worn with just about anything to update an outfit and add an extra layer for warmth or modesty. Girls will love the ease of movement they provide compared with some other thicker denim options in other styles. Since they're relatively inexpensive and hold up better to growth spurts than some other wardrobe pieces, parents will love them too.

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