Summer Flower Hats for Toddlers

Little girl in denim with hat and flower

Summertime calls for a cute flowered hat for your toddler girl. This style of hat can serve many purposes, including keeping the sun off tender skin and protecting the top of the head from sunburn. When it comes to choosing a flowered hat for your toddler, you'll find that there are many types available.

Types of Flowered Hats for Toddlers

There are some basic summer zhat styles that work well for busy toddlers, including bucket hats, beanies, baseball caps and sunbonnets.

Beach Hats

Beach hats are the perfect accessory for your little girl when she hits the beach or goes to a local pool. Beach hats can also be worn during outdoor play time during the summer to protect delicate skin. When it comes to beach hats, it is important to look for two features. First, a hat that has a wide enough or low enough brim to keep the sun off your daughter's face. Second, a breathable, sun resistant fabric.

  • Coolibar Girl's Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat: This adorable bucket hat won't fade if your little girl gets it wet while swimming at the local pool. The wide brim is flexible, so you can adjust it to shade your little girl's face. The material is the trademarked SUNTECT® fabric. The fabric is face resistant, has an SPF rating of 50 and also wicks away moisture. It comes in colors like blue, pink, lime green and white.
  • Sun Grubbies Adventure Play Hat: This cute hat comes in several colors and prints, including a pink floral print. This hat features an adjustable chin strap and is made of fast drying material. Toddler sizes also have ventilated mesh panels on the sides.


Crocheted or knitted hats with flowers are the perfect dressy accessory for your little girl. Wear them with a sundress and sandals for birthdays, attending church or weddings. Most knit hats are beanies such as:

  • Beanie Designs Beanie Visor: This crocheted beanie has a shell design and a small visor in the front. A pink flower is knit onto the side of the hat. The yarn is made of 100 percent cotton, so it is soft and breathable. Beanie Designs also has several other crocheted beanies featuring flowers.
  • Etsy: Toddlers up to 18 months old can wear these adorable crocheted beanie hats with pretty flowers attached to the side.

Consider a Matching Hat

There are several options when it comes to matching hats. You can choose a hat that matches those brothers and sisters are wearing. You can even choose a hat that matches Mom's for a family picture or outing. A hat that matches your child's outfit is always a cute accessory that lets your child look well put together and fashionable. Don't be afraid to experiment with a plain white hat by sewing on silk flowers or painting on a new floral design. Bucket hats can have patches of floral material added for a unique look. Whatever flowered hat you choose for your toddler, she is certain to look adorable this summer.

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