Kids' Leg Warmers with Leggings Attached

Kids leggings and leg warmers

Kids' leg warmers with leggings attached are a fun pick for fall and winter, and one that you might never have thought of for a child to wear. With basic additions like leg warmers on a child's ensemble, a kid will look and feel warm year-round. They're not just a money saver, but a comfortable option for children who appreciate wearing layers for comfort and practicality.

Leg Warmer Options

There are multiple styles of leg warmers available for the average kid, from the fanciful to the basic. If you're careful to find a pair of leggings that allow the leg warmers to be detached, then you can find multiple pairs to switch off with the pair with which your leggings originally came.

  • Choose leg warmers knitted from a variegated yarn that adds some unstructured interest to your child's outfit.
  • Look for leg warmers in a bright striped combination of bright pink and purple or bright lime green and forest green.
  • Nubbly yarn leg warmers add bulk to a slim child's outfit. You can buy a variegated pair of leg warmers in a nubbly yarn, but monochromatic ones are great for matching purposes.
  • Get a pair of the hip new leg warmers combos that feature a folksy-style knit that only slightly matches with the other.

Why Have Leggings Attached?

Having leggings attached to leg warmers might seem unusual, but they are great for winter. If you're not sure why the look is perfect for any season, then it's time to review why they work so well.

  • If your child will be wearing this set in the snow, the leggings and leg warmers will prevent snow from slipping through.
  • If your child likes to dress him or herself, then purchasing a set is a way to save time and energy. Half the work is done for you when leggings and leg warmers are attached.
  • Leggings and leg warmers being attached is also a great way to cut down on sorting and organizing laundry. Look for ones in colors that can be combined with the bulk of your child's wardrobe.

How to Layer Kids' Leg Warmers with Leggings Attached

When you buy a clothing set, it can often be more challenging to match them with other separates. These suggestions will get you started putting together perfect outfits for children who deserve to look cute as a button.

  • Try a fleece tunic to pair with the leggings in a coordinating color. It's a great combination when the temperatures drop.
  • Select a long sweater to keep your child warm during the dead of winter.
  • If you like the idea of layering more, then you can try to find a vest and a T-shirt combination with your leggings.

Buy Kids' Leg Warmers

Buying leg warmers with leggings attached isn't easy. This look, while practical, isn't as available as kids' full-on separates, so these leads will make your hunt much easier.

  • Visit Splendid for basic kids' leggings that can be paired with same-color leg warmers for an all-in-one solution. If you are having trouble choosing a combined or connected set, then this might be a smart way to compromise.
  • Puma sells sets of leg warmers and leggings that are color-coordinated. If you are looking for new style of combined warmers and leggings, there are several poignant color combinations available from Puma.
  • Go to GAP for exciting sparkly legates that can be layered over your purchased set in basic colors.

Kids' leg warmers with leggings attached certainly offer more options than you can imagine, and with the ease of having pants attached, you simply can't make a mistake. Leggings are easy to layer and are perfect for pairing with boots, and then all you need to worry about is finding a child's jacket or sweater to match. Choose like colors and coordinating options for the perfect look.

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Kids' Leg Warmers with Leggings Attached