Elegant Toddler Dresses

Elegant Toddler
They grow up so fast...

There are many designers that specialize in the crafting of elegant toddler dresses. The term elegant implies a sense of refinement and good taste. Dresses that are showy, excessively adorned, or overtly trendy will work against the concept of elegance. These guidelines may seem like a tall order for toddler dresses, which tend to be heavy on bows, lace and ribbons, but some designers have chosen to forgo the embellishments in favor of clean lines and neat designs that truly define elegance.

Preparing for the Price Tags

Elegant clothing is a cut above the norm, and this cut will cost. So, when you're seeking to create and air of excellence in your child's wardrobe, it is good to prepare yourself for the increase in prices before you hit the stores.

The Style of Elegant Toddler Dresses

When you have come to terms with shopping costs and determined your spending limit, then it is time to distinguish between designers' particular looks. Elegant and classic styles are almost always interchangeable. Dresses that feature appliqués, comical prints, bright colors, contrasting prints and wide bustling skirts will typically override the image of elegance you are trying to create. This is not to say that such styles aren't attractive or adorable all on their own, but elegance is not about "cute" or "fashionable", it is about transcendence and formality. So it is wise to avoid any styles which are particularly trendy or ostentatious.

Also, elegant clothing is always well put together. This means, whatever dress you purchase for your toddler, the elegance will be emphasized by well-picked coordinates. Shoes, tights, sweaters and hair accessories can either accentuate or detract from the chic effect of your toddler's outfit, so a great deal of care should be put into all of the above.

Where to Shop

Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack is amongst the more affordable labels that offer classic and well-designed toddler clothes. One of the great advantages of shopping at Janie and Jack is that every outfit is highlighted by tailor made accessories, everything from head bands down to coordinating shoes. This can make the process of putting together a complete toddler outfit so much easier. Janie and Jack also offers incredible sales, particularly their online merchandise. Shopping online is a great way to ensure the widest assortment of sizes.

Baby Dior

Christian Dior has been on top of the high fashion world for over half a century. This brand has been behind some of the most incredibly luxurious and elegant fashions every created. The infant line, Baby Dior, will not disappoint. Everything from cozy fur shrugs to incredible tulle gowns are now available for children who can barely walk. This line can often be found at higher end department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks. Unfortunately, such items often sell out in most sizes before they are ever discounted, so you will most likely need to purchase Baby Dior dresses at full price.

Ralph Lauren

Compared to Baby Dior, Ralph Lauren will seem almost affordable. This large scale designer has always been at the forefront of classic and preppy fashion. Though many of the pieces run casual, the more formal Ralph Lauren dresses are definitively excellent. This designer has a penchant for plaid and cable knit, both foundational elements of the elegant preppy style. You can find Ralph Lauren dresses at upscale department stores, retail locations, or shop the latest collections at the official Ralph Lauren website.

More Affordable Elegance

Your budget may not be able to afford the best, but when it comes to elegant toddler dresses, adhering to a few simple rules will help you create a classic look for your toddler that doesn't need to cost several hundred dollars. Keep color combinations simple and sterile. White is always an elegant color, but don't detract from the refinement of white clothing with needless embellishments and accessories. Pastels paired with black are rarely a miss. Materials such as plush velvets and satin can go a long way to make your child gleam. Many of these staples can be found in a regular department store, but the art of piecing them together is very important.

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Elegant Toddler Dresses