Pictures of Children's Pageant Dresses

Passion for Details

The key to beautiful children's pageant dresses is in the details. The fabric of the dress, as well as the decorations on it, create a fairy tale atmosphere that is perfect for beauty pageants. This dress, from its bow to its finely-detailed edges, goes perfectly with the pearl jewelry and this girl's beautiful updo.

Pretty in Pink

While children's pageant dresses come in every color of the rainbow, there is still something precious about girls wearing pink. Whether your daughter knows it or not, she may often gravitate towards pink princess dresses. Pink looks good with just about any skin tone.

Fairy Dress

A fairy dress complete with wings is a fresh take on a beauty pageant dress. This dress's bright colors make it unforgettable.

Historical Take

Another way to be individual when choosing a fancy dress is to opt for something from another time period. This dress is not only beautiful, but it also has a timeless appeal because it is so clearly a historical piece.

Tulle Skirts

Appealing to the beautiful ballerina hiding inside each and every little girl, a pageant dress with a tulle skirt is reminiscent of ballet dancers and their beautiful costumes.

Winning Children's Pageant Dresses

Pair your child's dress with a crown and/or sash if you want to help her envision what it would be like to get crowned the queen of the beauty contest.

Angels in White

This pageant dress is perfect for winter beauty contests. The long sleeves, fur, and the angelic appearance make it a dress for Christmas or snow-themed events.

Great Lengths

While young girls often wear knee-length fancy dresses, this floor-length dress is a fitting pick. Pair this adult-length dress with a whimsical hairstyle in order for your daughter to remain looking her own age.

Haute Couture

For a glamorous option for a beauty pageant, this type of hat can create a whole new look. Reminiscent of a more romantic time, this hat creates a beautiful look.

Accessorizing Pageant Dresses

When choosing and purchasing a dress for a beauty competition, don't forget to buy the perfect shoes, tights, jewelry, and any other matching accessories. Gloves and hats can add the perfect finishing touch to pageant dresses for girls of all ages.

If your daughter is too young for the styles shown in this slideshow, check out these fancy dresses for infants for an eye-catching and award-winning pageant dress for the youngest entrants in the contest.

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Pictures of Children's Pageant Dresses