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It's easier than ever to find a husky boys' suit that is still flattering and stylish. A husky young man might feel self-conscious about his size, but in the right clothes, he'll have nothing to worry about and is sure to get a lot of compliments. It's preferable to buy such suits in person so they can be tried on, but so long as you pay attention to the measurements, a suit bought online should be just fine.

Husky Suit Styles

Suits in husky sizes may be a bit of a challenge to find, but shopping online will produce a range of results and great deals. You may be able to find a husky size suit in a department store or specialty children's boutique. For the best selection, check out the following online options:

Boys' Suits

At online retailer Boys Suits, you can find a range of suits by designers such as Joseph Abboud, Heritage House, Europa and DKNY. Some suits to check out are:

  • Joseph Abboud Black Suit: Available as separates, this classic wool suit has a black two button jacket and flat front pants. The jacket is priced at $165 and the pants are $60. Sizes available are 12 to 20 husky.
  • DKNY Black Stripe Suit: This fashionable suit set includes a single breasted jacket and plain front pants. Available sizes are 14 to 20 husky. This suit is made from wool and priced at $250.
  • Heritage House Black Tonal Strip Suit: Done in wool and in a tonal stripe design, this suit includes a single breasted jacket and plain front pants. It comes in sizes 15 to 20 husky and is priced at $295.

Boys' Italian Suits

Online retailer Boys' Italian Suits carries a nice selection of fine suits in sizes 10 to 22 husky. Some fashionable suit styles to consider include:

  • Solid Navy or Black Suit: This suit, priced at $279, is made from fine Italian wool. It comes in your choice of black or navy blue and is a classic suit style perfect for any boy.
  • Pinstripe Suit: This suit is done in a navy pinstripe and is priced at $279. It is made from Italian wool and is a trendy design that will look great for any occasion.


Sears has a great selection of boys' clothing in husky sizes. Expect to find suits from brands such as Dockers and separates such as pants, dress shirts and more that will fit your need and budget. Some styles to consider include:

  • Dockers Boy's Husky Solid Herringbone Suit: Available in sizes 12 to 20 husky, this stylish suit is priced around $65. It is done in a trendy black stripe. This two piece suit includes a jacket with a notched collar and pleated pants with a hook and zip close.
  • Dockers Boys' Husky Shirt and Tie Set: You'll need a dress shirt and tie to complete the look. This stylish set includes a light blue dress shirt and striped tie. It will go perfectly with just about any suit you may select. This set comes in husky sizes 14 to 20 and is priced under $15.


At Macy's, you can find stylish suit separates from brands such as Izod, Tommy Hilfiger and more. Some husky suit pieces include:

  • Izod Kids Blazer: Available in husky sizes 10 to 20, this blazer is done in black. It has a two-button closure front, buttoned cuffs and a breast pocket. It is priced under $50.
  • Izod Dress Pants: These dress pants go great with a blazer and have a single pleat front. They are priced around $21 and are machine washable. Husky sizes available are 10 to 20.

Choosing a Husky Boys' Suit

What you want from a husky boy's suit is one that adds length and slims through the torso and hips. Boys will find they look slimmer in most suits simply because of the cut of the jacket - a suit jacket goes a long way towards hiding flesh. If you choose a three-piece suit, you'll create an even stronger slimming effect, as the waistcoat lengthens while it covers.

Opt for a long tie, rather than a bow tie, even though bow ties are more common for small boys' formal wear. A long tie helps create a leaner, longer look. Pinstripes also give a lot of length, enhancing the slimming effect.

Boys grow quickly, so unless your son attends a lot of formal events, you probably don't want to make too large an investment in a suit. With some good tailoring, there is a lot that can be done to fit a suit to a figure and set it to its best advantage. However, you can find suits that will flatter your son well in the meantime.

Look and Feel Good

Boys of any size will not only look good in a well-fitting suit but feel good as well. Nothing can be more flattering on a boy than a suit. From classic styles to modern looks, suits can be found in a range of sizes to fit any boy's build.

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