Camouflage Cargo Pants for Kids

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Camo cargo pants are everywhere, even for kids. From big box stores to specialty shops, you can find styles for boys and girls of all ages. These are great for casual wear and can be paired with a several types of tops for school or play.

Where to Shop

It is a little easier to find boys' cargo pants in a camouflage print than it is to find styles for girls. However, they do exist.

Camo Cargo Pants for Boys

You can find camouflage cargo pants for boys in most stores that sell boys' clothing, so they're available at a variety of different price points.

  • The Boys' Slim Fit Stretch Cargo Pants by Sam and Jack? at Target come in sizes four through 18, and 8 Husky to 18 Husky. They have side, back, and cargo pockets, have a zipper and button closure, and come in traditional green. The best part? They're less than $20.00. These are nice for boys who prefer not to have the traditional baggy pants and may fit smaller frames better than other options.
    Boys' Slim Fit Stretch Cargo Pants
    Boys' Slim Fit Stretch Cargo Pants
  • The Built-In Flex Ripstop Cargo Joggers (available at Old Navy for less than $30.00) have a more casual style, with a drawstring waistband and elastic at the ankles. They're available in green camo, and are available in sizes XS through XXL in regular sizes and L through XXL in Husky sizes. Joggers are typically some of the most comfortable pants, so these are great for play and lounging around.
    Built-In Flex Ripstop Cargo Joggers
    Built-In Flex Ripstop Cargo Joggers
  • The Wrangler Boys' Classic Cargo Twill Pant is available in three different camo shades (Anthracite Camo 2, Grain, and Olive) for around $15.00 at Walmart. They're 100 percent cotton, offer a relaxed fit, and even have a one-year warranty. Sizes four through 16 are available. These are perfect for everyday wear, whether it's time for school or play. They have a similar fit to the average pair of khakis.
    Wrangler Boys' Classic Cargo Twill Pant
    Wrangler Boys' Classic Cargo Twill Pant
  • The 100 percent cotton Jersey-Lined Cargo Joggers from Gap come in black camo and are available in regular and husky sizes (XS to XXL and M to XXL, respectively). They're easy to pull on and off because of the elastic waistband and offer a comfortable jersey lining. They have pockets at the seams on the sides, flap pockets in the back, and cargo pockets at the sides. Expect to pay around $40.00. Here's another pair made for comfort, so they're wonderful for kids on PE day or just casual days in general.
    Jersey-lined cargo joggers
    Jersey-Lined cargo joggers

Camo Cargo Pants for Girls

Finding camo cargo pants for girls is a little trickier because they're not quite as widespread as they are for boys, but there are still some options out there. In addition, girls often get to choose from different colors, like pink, blue, or purple.

  • Kids Purple BDU Pants from Army Surplus World are available for less than $20.00 and something other than green for the girl who prefers not to go with the traditional green camo. These are a poly/cotton twill combination that's designed for durability, and they have six pockets in all. Sizes available include XXS to XLarge. For the girl who's interested in the traditional camo pants but loves to put her own spin on things, the purple option could be a winner.
    Kids Purple Camouflage BDU Pants
    Kids Purple Camouflage BDU Pants
  • The Kids Woodland Camo Fatigue Pants are also from Army Surplus World. They're unisex, traditional green, and available for around $20.00. Get them in XXS to XLarge. These are created to look like the military BDU pants and feature six pockets and drawstring closures around the ankles that allow you to adjust the length. This is for the kid who loves the idea of joining the military one day, or one who looks up to a family member in the military and would love to dress like him or her.
  • The Girls' Harmony Pants, available at Cabela's, are done in a versatile White Urban Camo print for about $20 and have an elastic waist for comfort. They come in sizes seven through 16, and feature both cargo and coin pockets. They come in 100 percent cotton and have the brand logo on the back pocket. What's more, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee from the company.
  • The Star Ride Little Girls' Cargo Jeans from Amazon are only around $15.00 and available in sizes four through 6X. Choose from olive or gray camo. These are great for the girliest of girls who still want to dabble in camouflage because they have bejeweled accents and metallic patches and appliques. Pair them up with a simple tank or tee and some Converse sneakers or simple sandals.
    Star Ride Little Girls' Cargo Jeans
    Star Ride Little Girls' Cargo Jeans

How to Wear Them

Durable, fun and stylish, camo pants are a great look for kids. Check out what looks best with them.

Tanks and Tees

In most cases, a simple tank top or t-shirt (long- or- short-sleeved) will work well for boys or girls when they wear camouflage cargo pants. Girls will probably prefer more fitted tops to balance out the volume on bottom that usually accompanies the cargo style, but a looser style casual top could work just as well. If the child wants to wear a military-inspired uniform from top to bottom, specialty stores like Army Surplus World offer matching tops. You could also go for a simple cotton, long-sleeved camo tee or thermal shirt.

Shirt Colors

Black tops are a safe bet, but with some of the green or tan camo styles, a tan shirt will look great. If it feels too harsh to pair up black or tan based on your child's style preferences, consider a soft pink, purple, or baby blue, or go with a bold shade like red, orange, or gold on top. Any of those colors will contrast beautifully against the traditional camo colors.


Boys will probably want to wear black or tan combat-style boots, or just stick with their sneakers. Rugged sandals could work in some cases, but most of the boys' styles lend themselves to shoes with more substance. The same is the case for many girls' styles, but the slim-cut pants could be paired up with sandals or flip-flops. The camo pants based on BDUs look best with sturdier shoes, staying true to military uniforms.

Easy Care

In most cases, the camouflage cargo styles for kids are wash-and-wear cotton or cotton blends. Always read the care tags to be sure, but you should usually be able to care for them as easily as their blue jeans. Machine washing on cold will work in most cases.

Camouflage for All

Girls and boys can enjoy camouflage cargo pants. They can choose from traditional olive or tan or go for something unusual, like purple. They can use them as play clothes, school clothes, or part of a whole uniform if they choose. Younger kids (and some older ones, too!) will get a thrill out of having so many pockets to stash toys, rocks, money, and other items in.

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