Boys' White Shorts

White Shorts
White shorts pair well with polos.

Boys white shorts can be difficult to find during some portions of year. These items are seasonal, usually first appearing in stores around February along with other spring season merchandise. Though shorts are often considered casual apparel, most white shorts are accompanied by certain fashion implications. White shorts for both men and boys represent a staple item within "upscale casual" category, and learning how and when to wear these shorts is key to mastering this effect.

The Specifics of White Shorts

There exists, of course, more than one variety of white shorts. White shorts are not uncommon in the fields of swim-related board shorts or even the well-ventilated athletic shorts that are typical to basketball practice. However, most people seeking after white shorts have the crisp and tailored cotton white short in mind. These shorts look clean, are defined by straight lines and a knee length and are fundamental to a classic wardrobe.

Where will you see white shorts most commonly worn? White shorts are very popular at country clubs, boating events and the golf course. Their clean appearance makes them ideal for the upscale casual look because shorts are theoretically casual, but there is no color more upscale and difficult to manage than white. Bearing this in mind, you can easily take advantage of the fashion implications that accompany white shorts and create a fun and chic look for your child.

Some parents who are shopping for boys' white shorts find themselves doing so for the purposes of a uniform. A number of clubs or activity groups require white shorts as a uniform basic which means that certain times of the year will spell out competitive shopping for parents.

White shorts are also an ideal choice for garden parties, church events and even outdoor afternoon weddings. Younger children do not usually need to don formal attire for an outdoor wedding, and white shorts can be the perfect pick for a wedding provided that your child's shirt has a collar and is aptly upscale. In the summer months, all but the most conservative churches may permit white shorts as a suitable form of children's attire. You'll find that the upscale casual quality of white shorts make them a very versatile wardrobe item for all kinds of events from parties to Easter Sunday.

Where to Find White Shorts

White shorts are not so ubiquitous that during the Spring shopping season you can easily find at least one variation of this item in most children's stores. White shorts are more common in department stores or retailers that feature classic clothing. Stores that favor preppy designs over trendy merchandise may be better sources of white shorts than retails such as the Children's Place or Gymboree.

You'll want to check out department stores like Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and even JC Penney. Also, chain retailers such as Gap Kids and Janie and Jack are usually purveyors of classic preppy clothing and may carry white shorts during the Spring and Summer shopping seasons. Designers such as Ralph Lauren tend to dominate the world of classic fashion and Ralph Lauren merchandise can be purchased at the aforementioned department stores and also via the official Ralph Lauren online store.

How to Wear White Shorts

The clean appeal of white shorts can be absolutely slaughtered by a t-shirt. It is important to remember that white shorts inherently possess an upscale element and, whereas tee shirts are genuinely casual, white shorts are not. Again, though shorts are allegedly casual, there is little casual about the color white. You cannot get down on your knees in white, or attempt to change your car oil in white. Your child can, however, look seamlessly appropriate at a garden party in white shorts when you pair such items with collared short-sleeved shirts. Polo shirts are the easiest items to pair with boys' white shorts. The look of a fitted polo shirt (truly, any color works with white) accompanied by clean well-tailored white cotton shorts will have your son looking as though he was torn from the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalog.

Also, part and parcel to the "clean" effect of white shorts is that these items actually be clean. The stark white of shorts can be difficult to maintain being that this color is so unforgiving of stains. In order to emphasize the crisp preppy look of these shorts, you'll want to ensure that the item is always well-laundered, pressed, and ready for presentation!

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Boys' White Shorts