Back to School Fashion for 11-Year-Old Boys

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You may not think 11-year-old boys are that interested in back to school fashion, but it's important to send your child to school wearing something he feels confident in. Fortunately, there are plenty of styling options for boys of this age group that are fashionable yet functional for the school environment.

Classic Casual

Jeans will always be in style, and they are definitely an item that should be on your child's back to school shopping list. As jeans are popular and extremely versatile, be sure to invest in at least two pairs: one light and one dark.

You can then pair your little boy's jeans with a colorful graphic tee and well-worn Converse for a classic yet cool look.

If it's fall or winter, opt for an outfit in darker, richer colors to complement the dark denim jeans. Then, simply add a puffer jacket or faux leather jacket that will protect your son from the elements. If it's spring or summer, choose the light colored denim jeans or swap them for denim shorts and pair with tees in light, washed out hues.

boy in casual school clothes

Active and Sporty

Jogging bottoms (joggers) are perfect for active boys around the 11-year-old age range because they look stylish for school but still allow him to move around and be comfortable while he's playing the schoolyard or participating in sports games. They also have a relaxed, cool vibe and look smart when paired with a tighter tailored polo shirt.

Cold outside? Your little man can easily throw on a sweatshirt or anorak over his polo if the weather isn't too great while still remaining comfy.

boy in boat wearing sporty clothes

Smart Casual Preppy

Khakis and chinos have been around for ages; however, now they are designed in a more tailored fit than ever before. Baggy is no longer in fashion, and kids want a more fitted look and feel.

If you want to create a cute and preppy smart casual aesthetic, simply team a pair of khakis or chinos with a button down shirt and smart brogues or loafers. Add a sweater to layer over the top for comfort and style when cooler weather hits.

If your son wants to look extra sharp for a class presentation or dressier occasion, get him to wear a blazer over the top of his button down shirt and/or sweater. (Formal tie optional.) Preppy never looked more appealing!

boy dressed in a smart outfit

Utilitarian Cool

Cargo pants are a great option for boys in this age group because of their comfort, versatile styling options, and multiple pockets.

Get your son to throw a sweatshirt on over a basic tee with his cargo pants for a laid-back, effortless casual ensemble. Alternatively, he can pair his cargo pants with a button down shirt for a more polished aesthetic. However, if the weather is cooler, a sweater will keep your son warm and add to the smart casual feel. When he is not wearing the sweater, he can always tie it around his waist for a hip and trendy look.

In terms of footwear, cargos often go best with boots in a solid neutral color, like chocolate brown or gray. Suede loafers also go well utilitarian shorts in the summer.

boy playing soccer in cool outfit

Completing the Look

The main thing is to have fun with your child and his fashion choices. Let him enjoy and feel comfortable with what he's wearing, but make sure his clothes are fashion-forward and coordinated. If you want your son to sport the ultimate back to school look, simply invest in a stylish backpack, and he's bound to look and feel his best this school year.

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Back to School Fashion for 11-Year-Old Boys