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When you're getting ready to take your baby to the swimming pool or beach, you'll want to make sure you pack a baby swimsuit coverup. This style of coverup doesn't necessarily function as a tool for modesty, but it helps you keep your child warm and comfortable before, during and after your time in the water.

Types of Swimsuit Coverups

When considering what type of coverup to purchase for your child, you should consider the age and sex of the child as well as how active your child is and whether or not you have any specific purposes for the coverup. For instance, if your child often gets cold while in the water, you may want to purchase a rash guard for her to wear while swimming.

Terry Cloth Coverups

Coverups made of terry cloth come in a variety of styles, but they serve two essential purposes: they help keep babies warm before and after a dip in the pool and they also help absorb water from a babies swimsuit and body. For little girls you can purchase terry cloth dresses, robes, rompers and skirts, and for little boys you can purchase terry cloth robes and sweatshirts.

Rash Guards

Rash guards can help babies stay warm while in the water and they also help protect a baby's sensitive skin from the sun. You can purchase rash guards for baby boys and girls, choosing from short sleeve or long sleeve options.

Hoodies/Zip Ups

When you know your child is going to be out in the elements, investing in a zip up top or a hoodie will give you the flexibility to bundle up your child or let them hang loose without the zipper zipped. There are options for both girls and boys if you want to use a hoodie as a coverup.

Sundresses, Skirts and Sarongs

If you have a baby girl, you can choose to cover up her swimsuit with a cutesy sundress, skirt or sarong. Their practical uses are limited to simply making your daughter look precious, but in many cases that's practical enough.


Bodysuits can be worn in place of a swimsuit or over a traditional swimsuit. Sometimes they come in a single, one-piece akin to a wetsuit, while other body suits are sold in two pieces, giving you the option to wear both the top and bottom, or one or the other. Bodysuits help cover up a baby's sensitive skin while also helping prevent chill in cool water.

Purchasing Coverups

Most retail outlets that offer baby swimsuits will also give you options for cover ups, but if you want to make your purchase online, look to the following sites for a variety of cover up options:

  • Old Navy: Old Navy offers cute coverup options for boys and girls
  • One Step Ahead: One Step Ahead offers a variety of coverups for boys and girls up to three years old
  • Forget Me Not Kids: Forget Me Not Kids has unique coverup options for boys and girls that you're unlikely to find elsewhere
  • L.L.Bean: L.L.Bean offers classic coverup options with sun protection
  • The Best Dressed Child: TheBestDressedChild offers head-to-toe matching swimwear for babies, including coverups for boys and girls
  • LaBella Flora: LaBella Flora provides pretty options for little girl coverups

Other Options

While there are a variety of coverup options available for your baby, you don't need to feel obligated to make a coverup purchase. You can always designate a particular T-shirt or dress as your baby's swimwear coverup, or you can simply carry an extra towel with you when taking your baby to the pool or beach. The important thing is to choose a coverup option that works for you and your baby, regardless of what other people are saying or doing.

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Baby Swimsuit Coverup