Finding Cute Baby Easter Dresses

Baby In Easter Dress

You can show off your beautiful little girl in a darling Easter dress. Easter dresses range in style from simple cotton sundresses to more elaborate styles with plenty of lace and tulle.

Stylish Easter Dresses for Babies

From late January into March, Easter dresses for babies are easy to find. Stores like Walmart and Target have a nice selection of both simple and fancy dresses as do department stores like Macy's and Sears. If you want to purchase a dress a little earlier or later in the year, you may have trouble finding exactly what you want at retail locations since most merchandise is seasonal. Luckily, many online retailers carry a variety of dresses that are perfect for Easter. Check out the following online stores for a unique selection of dresses:

Tiny Tot Dress Shop

Tiny Tot Dress Shop has a section of dresses designed for Spring and Easter. Dresses can be found from designers such as Little Bitty, Trish Scully, Plum Puddin. Tiny Tot features dresses in sizes 3 months through toddler sizes as well as some options for older kids. Some cute styles include:

  • Ruffle Pink Satin Dress: Available in sizes 12 months to 3T, this dress is priced around $35.00. It is done in soft pink and is embellished with ruffled organza ribbon the entire way around the dress.
  • White Ruffle Shift Dress: This dress is priced around $15.00 and comes in infant sizes ranging from three to 18 months. For the big sister, the same dress is available in size 2T. This dress is sleeveless and has ruffles starting just under the arms and all the way down to the hem.
    White Ruffle Shift Dress
    White Ruffle Shift Dress

Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack offers a selection of dresses year-round, but there's also a section for special occasions where you can find beautiful, extravagant Easter dresses. The store carries styles for boys and girls, in sizes 0-3 months to older kids' size 12. Some baby dress styles include:

  • Floral Peplum Dress: This is white with a multi-colored large floral print for about $65.00. The smallest size is 3-6 months. If you want your baby's older sister to wear a matching dress, that may also be available. Sizes go up to 12. You get a matching pair of bloomers in sizes up to 18-24 months. The peplum stands out on its own but there's even an additional layer of tulle under the main skirt.
  • Grand Entrance: This style, just over $50.00, can make her look like a princess. It's done in cream lace, with a lacy bodice, tulle skirt, and rounded neckline. Bloomers are included up to 18-24 months, and sizes start at 3-6 months. This is another dress that will work in a matching set for siblings of different ages as it comes in sizes up to 12.

Sophia's Style

Sophia's Style carries dresses in newborn, infant, toddler and girls sizes. You can find a variety of dresses in solid colors as well as in spring patterns. Some styles to consider include:

  • Coral Rose Floral Lace Occasion Dress: This dress comes in sizes three to 24 months for about $36.00. It's sleeveless as well and has a V-shaped neckline. The color is perfect for spring and the roses make it even better. The waistband is covered in beads for a polka-dotted effect and the dress even comes with a matching coral bow headband.
  • Chic Triple Layer Flower Girl Dress: This one comes in three to 24 months and costs less than $50.00. It's listed as a flower girl dress, but the soft mint green and pearls make it perfect for Easter too. The skirt has three layers, and the sash is made up of different sizes of pearls. It's a sleeveless style but would look cute with a white cardigan if it's chilly.
    Chic Triple Layer Flower Girl Dress
    Chic Triple Layer Flower Girl Dress


Macy's has adorable dresses in all sizes and you can usually find something suitable for Easter regardless of how early you want to shop. Check out:

  • First Impressions Denim and Tulle Dress: For something more casual but still special for the occasion, there's this adorable dress, which combines a button-up, collared denim bodice with a bright pink tulle skirt for around $30.00. It also comes in a lighter denim top paired with a navy blue skirt. This is the kind of Easter dress that can be worn again and again. It comes in sizes 3-6 months to 24 months.
  • Rare Editions Baby Girls' Lace Dress: This is perfect if you want a frilly dress that isn't so bright. The off-white and muted metallic rose combination is sweet but not especially vibrant, and the lace and tiers make it girly. Expect to pay around $70.00 but shop around for promo codes before making the purchase. It has a round neck, no sleeves, and comes with a diaper cover. It's available in sizes 3-6 months to 24 months.
    Rare Editions Baby Girls' Lace Dress
    Rare Editions Baby Girls' Lace Dress

Choosing the Perfect Dress

There is no reason that choosing the perfect Easter dress has to be a challenge. There are many styles available to suit the needs of your child and the occasion. If you can find a spring dress that will serve multiple purposes that may be the perfect choice for your budget. An Easter dress can serve as a special outfit to get a photograph with the Easter Bunny, a special occasion dress, or a dress your little ones wears to church or family functions.

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Finding Cute Baby Easter Dresses