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Baby Board Shorts

DaRiMi Kidz board shorts

Baby board shorts are as adorable as they are functional.

Factors to Consider

Before purchasing a pair of baby board shorts, consider the following factors:

  • Fabric: Fabric may the the most important factor when it comes to these board shorts. Specifically, you'll want to look for a fabric that is durable, quick-drying and, perhaps most importantly, non-irritating. Durability is key because at least you'll be assured that the shorts will last for some length of time, while a non-irritating fabric means that your baby will be comfortable.
  • Accessible: In terms of accessibility, you'll also want to look for a pair of board shorts that can be put on easily enough, and remain secure without fitting too tightly.

Shop For Baby Board Shorts

You can try some of the following online shopping sites for a pair of quality baby board shorts.


Shopping at Nordstrom's may sound a bit fancy for something as simple as board shorts, but the truth is, you want to get the best quality for your hard earned money, and Nordstrom, a venerable shopping institution, is well known for just that.

Here you'll find Quiksilver board shorts for infants. This is a bright, graphic-printed board short, that overall, is white in color. Featuring a drawstring closure, an elastic waist band and a Velcro fly, this cute pair of shorts even has a small pocket on the leg. Note that this $32.00 short is unlined.

Additionally, Nordstrom offers a "chat line" feature. This means that you can speak to a customer service representative while you shop in case you need to ask any questions.

Little Cool Dudes

If you are looking for something a bit more stylish, consider the Surf Baby board shorts available at Little Cool Dudes. These shorts are a colorful mix of red, black and white. What makes them even more fashionable is the addition of hibiscus flowers and palm trees. You can purchase this style for $32.00.

At Amazon, you'll find the DaliMi Kidz Board Shorts for infants six to twelve months old. Done in red, black and grey, these shorts, along with being comfortable and quick drying, are also resistant to chlorine and salt water damage. Additionally, these shorts meet both US and Australian standards for sun protection.

An Additional Shopping Site

You can also try Mont Kid for pair of board shorts, as well as other children related items. The "Baby Swim" category is filled with a wide variety of products designed to keep your baby safe in the sun. In other words, you'll be sure to find sunscreen, hats and the like at this well-rounded site.

Putting It All Together

Board shorts, with their sun protection and durable nature, are a great addition to your baby's swim wardrobe. In addition, these shorts are not only practical, they are also super cute. This means they'll look great in those family photos you're sure to want to take by the water!

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Baby Board Shorts