Apple Hat for Baby Boys

Apple hat on a young boy

An adorable fashion, apple hats are a classic piece of clothing that has never lost its appeal. This style of hat dates back hundreds of years, and has gone through many cycles of popularity. First mandated by the British Government in 1571, the cap was required clothing for all non-noble male citizens because the government wanted to stimulate the sale of wool. The hat became very popular again at the end of the 19th century, and is currently a fashion staple for several generations, both male and female, in several regions of the world.

Apple Hats and Newsboy Caps

An 'apple hat' is synonymous with many other types of hat. The hat is often called a newsboy cap. However, the name varies depending on the region and the material from which the cap is made. While apple hats can be made of virtually any material, including wool, newsboy caps are almost always made of wool.

The name "newsboy cap" stems from the fact that many newsboys standing on street corners and shouting the news wore these hats. While nowadays cab drivers are most commonly associated with the hat, the original name stuck. The name "apple hat" came from the fact that the hat was very popular in New York City.

Other names for this hat style are Gatsby (or Jay Gatsby), Baker Boy, Fishermen's Cap, Cabbie, Lundberg Stetson, or Eight Panel. There are a lot of different ways to refer to this style of cap, but the defining characteristics are all the same:

  • Button in the middle on top, where all eight panels of the hat come together
  • Round, full body
  • Stiff, rounded brim that is shorter than a baseball cap
  • Button connecting the hat to the brim in the front

Baby and Toddler Hat

The apple hat has always been a popular hat with men, sometimes with older generations and sometimes with younger generations. In recent years, this style of hat has also become a favorite for baby boys and toddlers, and sometimes even for young girls. Hats for children are not always made of the signature wool from which adult caps are made; the apple hat for kids is more often a fashion statement than any attempt to stay warm. For the winter months, a knit or fleece winter hat is a better bet.

Baby boys and toddlers are often seen with apple caps paired with blue jeans, sneakers, and a casual, but also classic style, shirt. While you may not see this hat paired with a hoodie or a T-shirt, your child doesn't have to really be dressed up either. Try wearing the hat with a button-front shirt, a rugby shirt, or a long-sleeve polo. A button-front shirt with a sweater vest is an iconic pairing for an apple hat.

Apple Hats for Boys

Dapper Lads sells newsboy caps in wool, corduroy and cotton at affordable prices. Each style is only offered in a few sizes, ranging from baby (six months) up to larger boys' sizes.

Little Lids has a fine selection of high-quality children's hats, including apple hats for both boys and girls. Sizing starts with babies and goes up to 10 years.

For newborns, it is also possible to make your own newsboy hat. Crocheted versions of this classic cap are sold on Etsy, and are different in style from the traditional one. For newborns, the crocheted version is the only one that will stay on well.

Fashionable Apple Hat for Baby Boys

Whether you choose a classic tweed woolen apple hat or a comfortable crocheted version, your little boy is bound to look dashing in this timeless accessory. Pair the hat with clothing to match the style of cap and you are bound to get many compliments on you and your son's fashion sense.

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Apple Hat for Baby Boys