Toddler Marine Corps Shirts

Toddler boy in USMC hat and shirt

It's easy to dress your children so that they show their support for U.S. military troops. Toddler Marine Corps shirts are suitable for girls and boys. From camo designs to military themes that feature the words "Marine Corps Semper Fidelis", Marine Corps shirts make a wonderful addition to any child's wardrobe.

Purchasing Toddler Marine Corps Shirts

Parents who serve in the military often purchase military themed clothing for their children. Not only do these purchases encourage children to show their support for a particular branch of service, but they also give parents an opportunity to teach children about the importance of serving in the military. Marine Corps shirts for toddlers can be found at a variety of online stores and typically come in a great selection of designs and colors, including the following:

  • T-shirts - The standard gray T-shirt with the USMC logo is typically easy to find, but toddler T-shirts come in lots of colors, like pink, purple and blue. You can choose from simple T-shirts with just the Marine Corps logo or purchase shirts with patriotic or whimsical sayings, like "Welcome home, Daddy!"
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts - USMC hoodies made for toddlers include the standard issue design or camo pattern in muted hues or bright colors. Purchase a hoodie or sweatshirt with an adorable saying, like "My daddy is a U.S. Marine."
  • Long-Sleeved Jacket Shirts - Military garb often includes long-sleeved, button down shirts that can serve as jackets. These are typically created in camo designs, and depending upon the store in which you shop, you might find camo pants to match. Look for fun colors including shades of green, blue, purple, brown, black and gray.


For authentic Marine Corps military clothing, look no further than USMC Gear. With toddler sizes that start at size two and go up to a kid's size 20, choose from a variety of shirts and other clothing items, including the Ultra Force shirts that are long sleeved and camo in design. They feature four large pockets and come in a variety of colors, including gray, brown, green, blue and even purple. In addition, matching pants are also available. The site also offers Marine Corps T-shirts, like the gray Marine physical training T-shirt and the pink camo T-shirt.


If you're looking for a whimsical Marine Corps look for your toddler, then visit the main Zazzle website or a Zazzle specialty store like Cubecan's Creations that have military items. Here you can choose from personalized USMC T-shirts that feature sayings such as "Welcome home, Daddy. I missed you!" and "I'm here to pick up my daddy". Other sayings include "I know how to low crawl just like my daddy", "MCRD Parris Island Devil Dog", and "My daddy is in Iraq defending your freedom."

Marine Corps Pride

The Marine Corps Pride website offers a wide variety of toddler sized T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Choose from "My Hero" shirts, USMC hoodies, ACU camo long-sleeved T-shirts, digital camo T-shirts, crib recon onesies in sizes 12 to 18 months, and USMC devil pup T-shirts. In addition, you can find lounge pants, sweatpants and stuffed bears.

The Corps Store

If you're in the market for USMC toddler shirts, then check out The Corps Store for a great selection of shirts in toddler sizes from 12 months and up. From traditional camo designs to adorable pink USMC shirts, this online store offers a variety of styles. Choose from digital camo onesies. You'll also find tee shirts with sayings like: "I 'heart my Marine", "My brother is a Marine", "My sister is a Marine" and more.

Other USMC Shirt Alternatives

While the above websites offer great selections for purchasing USMC shirts for your toddler, there are other alternatives.

  • Take a shirt of your choice to a local screen print shop, choose your design or bring a photo of a Marine, and create a shirt that is specifically created for your toddler.
  • You and your toddler can get in on the creation of the perfect Marine shirt during an afternoon crafting session. Using fabric paints, stencils, iron-on transfer labels, or any other craft accessory, create a one-of-a-kind shirt for your toddler.
  • Cut pieces of shirts that belong to the Marine in your toddler's life into squares. Sew those squares on to a plain T-shirt to create a patchwork shirt that could become a treasured keepsake.

Let your toddler and her beloved Marine create a T-shirt that features "his and hers" handprints. Have the Marine and your toddler dip their hands into fabric paint and "stamp" their handprints on the shirts. The Marine could then sign his or her name on the T-shirt along with the date. Once the shirt is too small for your little one to wear, consider placing it in a poster frame to hang on the wall. USMC T-shirts for toddlers provide parents and their little ones the opportunity to show their support to those troops who dedicate their lives for their country. Purchasing or creating a special shirt is an excellent way to continue this support.

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Toddler Marine Corps Shirts