Solid Orange Toddler Shorts

Toddler in orange shorts

During the long, hot days of summer, toddlers may be most comfortable wearing shorts. Solid colors are usually a good choice as you can pair them with patterned and printed tee shirts and not worry about clashing. Solid orange shorts may interest young children who enjoy bright colors.

What to Wear with Orange Shorts

Although solid colored shorts should be easy to match with almost anything, this isn't always the case for the color orange. There are some colors that simply do not look good with orange, such as blue. However, there are many other options available to wear with solid orange shorts that will make your toddler look as cute as possible.

  • White tees: A white t-shirt looks stark and crisp against orange shorts. You may be able to find a plain white tee shirt that has small orange flowers on one side of the torso, for example. A small embroidered item can tie the shirt with the shorts and create a finished look.
  • Brown blouse: If you're looking for something to wear to a party, try a small, brown blouse tucked into orange shorts. Brown and orange might make you think of fall, but when paired with short pants and short sleeves, they will fit perfectly into a summer wardrobe.
  • Sundresses: These are a popular choice for toddlers, but little girls often don't worry about keeping their dress down while running and playing. Adding a pair of orange shorts under your toddler's sundress can solve the problem and provide added comfort to the ensemble.
  • Tanks: Tiny tank tops look cute when paired with orange shorts and sandals. Consider colors like pale yellow, gray, white and tan. You may even want to layer a couple of tanks, such as a white tank over an orange tank with a lace neckline.

Where to Find Solid Orange Shorts for Toddlers

If you want a pair of athletic pants with an elastic waistband, you can easily find this at any big box retailer such as Walmart or Target. However, if you want a more tailored look, pleated shorts or something with a special design on top of the solid orange, you'll need to turn to specialty retailers. If you prefer to shop locally, try stores like Children's Place and Sears. However, your greatest selection of solid orange toddler shorts will come from online sources.

Amazon: You'll find a nice selection of orange shorts for kids at Amazon. For example, REWANGOING offers orange drawstring shorts. They are marked for boys, but they'll work for girls too.

Target: This site offers Cat & Jack pull-on shorts for toddler boys. These shorts are bright orange with an elastic and drawstring waist.

Kohl's: This department store offers the Jumping Beans Dolphin Mesh shorts which come in a "Peach Frenzy" which is a summery shade of orange for toddler girls. These shorts have an elastic waist with a fake drawstring embellishment.

Walmart: Discount retailer Walmart carries Real Love Girls' Fleece Bermuda shorts for toddlers. They come in a peach and are made from soft cotton fleece with an elastic waistband and side pockets.

Orange Is Easy to Spot

Another reason to dress your toddler in bright colors like orange is because it is an easy color to spot. If your child runs ahead of you or you lose sight for a second on the playground, you can easily scan the area for those bright orange shorts and locate your child more easily. Orange also offers a crisp, summer look that will take you well through the end of August and maybe even into September.

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Solid Orange Toddler Shorts