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Once winter hits, parents are once again scrambling to figure out how they will keep their children warm and dry all season long. Snow pants are a wardrobe essential, but not all snow pants are created equal. There are several things you should consider before choosing a pair for your child, from styles and types to knowing when and where to purchase them.

Where to Find Kids' Snow Pants

Whether you go for snow pants or a whole snowsuit, you want to make sure the fabric is water-resistant and breathable. You can shop for kids' snow pants from local stores or try one of these online retailers.


Target has a great selection of kids' snow pants available online and in-stores in all sizes and styles, but also at budget-friendly prices.

  • Girls' Snow Bib Outerwears C9 Champion
    Girls' Snow Bib Outerwears C9 Champion

    Girls' Snow Bib Outerwears C9 Champion: These two-toned purple snow pants actually extend all the way up to the shoulders in the style of a bib which makes them extremely effective in keeping the snow and cold out. The fabric is both water and wind resistant to keep your little one comfortable and dry, and the lightweight insulation locks in body heat to keep her warm. Style it with a pullover hoodie, knitted beanie, and rain boots. This pair of girl's snow pants is available for about $20 and comes in five sizes, from XS-XL.

  • C9 Champion Boys' Snow Pants: This pair of snow pants is priced around $20, comes in four colors and is available in sizes XS-XL. It features wind and water-resistant fabric, as well as lightweight insulation and zippered pockets. Style the pants with a down puffer jacket, long sleeved hoodie, and winter boots for fun in the snow.


Kohl's is known for selling designer brands for less, but also well-made clothing at affordable prices. Whether you shop online or go to your local store, you'll find winter pieces that are durable and stylish at Kohl's .

  • Boys' ZeroXposur Platinum Snow Pants
    Boys' ZeroXposur Platinum Snow Pants

    Girls' Zeroxposur Heavyweight Snow Pants: The ZeroXposur Heather snow pants are heavyweight and resistant to both water and wind. The pants feature an elastic waistband and articulated knees. It comes with a hand warmer pocket as well as a clip so she can attach her gloves. Its inner layer will increase your kid's warmth without being bulky. These pants are priced under $30 and are available in gray, black, and violet. Sizes range from 7-16.

  • Boys' ZeroXposur Platinum Snow Pants: The ZeroXposur Platinum snow pants can hold up to the wear and tear your rambunctious boy might end up putting it through. The pants are water and wind resistant, with an elastic waistband and snap closure. It also features articulated knees and has four pockets. These pants are priced around $30, available in sizes S-XL and come in either black or gray.


Columbia is well-known for its winter snow wear. The clothes are designed with innovation in mind and are also tested for durability.

  • Girls' Starchaser Peak Pant: These snow pants are not only colorful but perfect to keep season after season since the pants have an outgrown system that extends for growing girls. It comes in four colors, and it's priced under $50. These pants are available in sizes XXS-XL, and according to reviews, it fits true to size. It also features internal leg gaiters, reinforced cuff guards and is insulated to protect against rain and snow.
  • Youth Trail Adventure Pant: A great pair of snow pants from this brand is the Youth Trail Adventure Pants. They are waterproof and breathable but also fully seam sealed. Priced around $36, these kids' snow pants are available in black only. Sizes range from XXS-XL, but according to reviews, the pants run big.


If you're looking for variety, Amazon is a good choice to shop for kids' snow pants. You'll find tons of retailers offering different styles, sizes, colors, and patterns that might not be available at local stores. Amazon also has an excellent return and exchange policy just in case the snow pants don't fit your child.

  • Arctix Youth Snow Pants
    Arctix Youth Snow Pants

    Arctix Youth Snow Pants: This is an excellent pair of snow pants available on Amazon that would be suitable for both boys and girls. The Arctix Youth snow pants come in such a wide variety of colors; everyone will find exactly what they want. From plain black to blues, reds, purples, pinks, and even green. Three different patterns are available as well, for the more adventurous types. These snow pants feature reinforced knees and seat as well as excellent insulation to keep the cold out. They include zippered hand warmer pockets and boot gaiters to integrate effortlessly with your kid's boots. The Arctix Youth snow pants are under $30, and available in sizes XS-XL, but also 2T-5T for younger children.

The North Face

The North Face is another retailer that specializes in outerwear, from clothing to accessories and backpacks, and you can find quality snow pants for the youngest members of your family.

  • Boys' Snowquest Suspender Pants: These snow pants come with removable suspenders that keep cold weather away. Priced around $110, the pants are lightly insulated, waterproof, and the grow cuffs at the leg openings extend so your boy can wear them as he becomes taller. Sizes range from XXS-XL, and the pants come in black, gray, and blue.
  • Girls' Freedom Insulated Pants: These durable, waterproof pants are perfect for outdoor adventures. This fun multi-colored print can be styled with a variety of long sleeve hoodies and coats, but they also come in six other colors. The pants are available in sizes XXS-XL, the waist is adjustable, and the cuffs extend for growing girls. They retail for under $100.

Consider Types and Features

If your kids like to play in the snow, you know how important it is to keep them warm and dry while they play. So when you're in the market for a new pair of kids' snow pants, it's worth learning about features and types before purchasing them for a stress-free experience.

Common Designs

Consider the available types of pants when shopping.

  • Insulated Pants: This is the most common style since it's waterproof and provides more warmth with an inner liner. Although insulated pants are designed to be warm, you can layer leggings, long underwear, or thermal pants underneath to keep your child extra warm.
  • Straight or Boot Cut: Some pants are design with a straighter fit throughout the leg, while some are slightly wider or boot cut near the ankle.
  • Insulated Bibs: Bibs fit like overalls. They come with suspenders that keep the pants in place to offer more coverage and protection.
  • Shell: This type of pant is not as common for kids. The style is thin, waterproof and can be used as a shell for mid layering.

Additional Features

Consider the different features you want for your child when shopping.

  • Waterproof Breathable Fabrics: The material used to make kids' snow pants is typically designed to be durable and long lasting. It's breathable and waterproof, and the fabric is usually made out of nylon or polyester.
  • Articulated Knees: This feature allows for a lighter feel and natural bend to the pants. It's also perfect for skiing.
  • Suspenders: This feature sometimes comes with the snow pants (included with bibs mostly) or the pants might have suspender loops to add them in. They are a great alternative to belts and keep the pants in place so that snow doesn't get in.
  • Jacket Attachment: Some brands of snow pants, (like these Quiksilver Boys pants) come with jacket-to-pant attachment systems that make it easier for your little one to keep warm and dry.
  • Gaiters: Another consideration to keep in mind is whether the snow pants have internal gaiters. While these may not be necessary for all children, if you live in an area prone to heavy snow, it's worth thinking about to keep snow from coming up under the legs of the snow pants.
  • Ankle Zippers: Another feature to consider is ankle zippers. Whether you choose snow pants with or without ankle zippers may depend on the age of your child, his or her boot style, and how well he or she can get the snow pants off and on.
  • Pockets: Some styles are designed without pockets, some have open side pockets, and some have pockets with zip or snap closures. If you have an older child that may need to carry money or a cell phone, or you want your little one to be able to put his or her hands in the pockets for warmth, pockets may be something you want to look for.

Shopping Tips for Kids' Snow Pants

The best time of the year to buy snow pants is right before winter arrives. Stores will be all stocked up, and you'll have your pick of the best choices. If you wait too long, specific items and sizes will go out of stock, and your options will be limited. Here are few other considerations to keep in mind when shopping for kids' snow pants.

Take Pants Measurements Before Shopping

Before shopping for snow pants online, take your child's measurements. It will make the shopping process a lot easier, and you won't have items to return or exchange. This doesn't have to be a difficult task. Start by measuring similar pants that fit your child well. Lay the pants flat, with the front and back creased smooth, then measure along the inseam from crotch to the bottom of the leg hem. For the waist, measure around the kid's natural waistline. While the child is standing, measure the fullest point of the hips to get the hip measurement.

Buy at the End of the Season

While shopping early is the best choice for a wide selection, if you want to get a deal on snow pants for next year, try looking around as winter is ending. Stores will start promoting their spring clothing, and winter apparel will go on clearance.

Complete the look

Accessorize your kids' outerwear with matching gloves, scarves, and hats. These pieces are inexpensive so you can replace them every winter. For boots, look for function over fashion; you want a pair that works well in snow and rain and that are not slippery. Layer the little ones outfits with long sleeve hoodies, leggings, and leg warmers to keep them warm.

Keep the Kids Warm in Style

Shopping for your kid's next pair of snow pants can be a daunting task with so many options available to you. However, with these styles and tips you can make great choices to keep your kids warm and dry while also staying fashionable.

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