Kids' Overalls

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When it comes to comfort, durability and practicality, you can't beat kids' overalls. Classic denim overalls look adorable on infants, toddlers and preschoolers. However, these days you are no longer limited to the traditional versions made from blue jeans material. Rather, kids' overalls come in a variety of materials, from cotton to corduroy, which makes them easier to mix and match with just about anything in your child's closet.

Popular Brands

Like any article of children's clothing, some overalls are manufactured better than others. High quality kids' overalls feature solid stitching, easy to manipulate metal closures and durable fabric. In addition, since children love collecting things while they are out and about, it doesn't hurt to find bib overalls with plenty of pockets. The following brands hit all the marks when it comes to constructing top-rated denim and cotton overalls for kids:

  • OshKosh B'Gosh: Offering overalls in sizes from newborn to size 12, OshKosh is a classic name in kids clothing. Along wirth denim styles, you'll find other options as well, such as twill, plaid, and corduroy for boys and girls.
  • Carhartt: Known for being ultra-durable, the Carhartt brand offers casual overalls for boys and girls in sizes up to 16.
  • Levi's: Levi's knows denim, and their classic denim overalls are available in infant and toddler sizes, durable enough for little ones romping while still offering great style.
  • Round House: Classic denim overalls from Roundhouse can work with any style casual shirt. They are available from sizes 12 months to kids' size 18.

In addition to their durability, affordability and comfort, the aforementioned brands offer a classic cut to their overalls, which allows budget-conscious parents to preserve their bottom line by passing down the garments to the next child in the family without having to worry about the style factor.

Shopping Tips

Fortunately, denim overalls are extremely popular among children of all ages, so finding a place to purchase them is not difficult. Most major department stores carry name brand kids' overalls. In addition, many chain stores, such as Old Navy and GAP offer their own versions of denim and solid-colored cotton overalls for children.

Finding the Right Fit

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Regardless of whether you purchase overalls for your son or daughter online or at your favorite children's clothing store, it is imperative to find the right size. Doing so is paramount for comfort. As most parents realize, forcing a child to wear ill-fitting overalls will only lead to discomfort for everyone he comes into contact with. Select a size that is too small and you limit a child's mobility. Likewise, if you purchase overalls that are too big, they become a safety hazard.

To ensure the right fit follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure your child's waist. Most manufacturers of children's overalls use the waist size as the primary measurement.
  2. Measure your child's chest. Simply wrap a measuring tape directly beneath his armpits while he has clothes on. This is especially important when measuring for overalls.
  3. Check your child's inseam. You want to purchase overalls that share the same inseam as a comfortable pair of pants.
  4. Once you have collected all of your child's measurements, compare them to the manufacturer's size chart. Since children's clothing companies size differently, it's important to have your child's measurements on hand when you are considering different brands of overalls.

Return Policy

Prior to purchasing children's overalls it is a good idea to review the company's return policy. Size charts are not 100 percent accurate. Ideally a child should try on the overalls and move around a bit to ensure the best fit. If you place an order online, be sure that you can have the option of allowing your child to test out the bib overalls for comfort and send them back if they don't fit well.

Dress Them Up or Down

Overalls are one of the most versatile articles of clothing you can have in your child's wardrobe. Denim varieties can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. They can go from a play date at the park with a simple tee underneath or worn to school when paired with a polo shirt and cardigan sweater. If you really want to go dressy, but don't want to compromise on comfort, then consider buying overalls made from corduroy, or cotton, or splurge a bit for overalls made from crushed velvet.

Adorable and practical, overalls are a great wardrobe item for kids. Choose a quality brand and measure your child for the right fit and you'll have a classic and versatile staple for his or her closet.

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