Finding Adjustable Waist Kids' Pants

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Since kids come in all shapes and sizes, finding pants that fit can be tricky. Pants and jeans that are long enough in length often are too big in the waist or vice versa. Adjustable waist pants are the perfect option for kids who are hard-to-fit or are in-between sizes. These pants make it possible to make slight adjustments in the waistband allowing you to customize a fit that is tailored specifically for your child.

Shopping for Adjustable Waist Pants

Adjustable waistbands are available in styles for both boys and girls and can be found at a variety of traditional and online retailers.

Old Navy

bow tie pocket jeans
Bow tie pocket jeans

Old Navy features several styles of adjustable waistband jeans for both boys and girls. Prices affordable and they are done in the latest styles and colors. An example of Old Navy adjustable waist style:

  • Bow Tie Pocket Jeans are cute and stylish. These dark wash jeans feature a bow-tie accent along the pockets as well as a snap-button closure and elasticized waistband. Sizes 2T to 5T feature an adjustable waistband. Other cool features of these jeans are front slant pockets and back decorative welt pockets. These jeans are priced around $15.


Gap features a range of trendy bottoms for boys and girls. From knit pants to stylish denim, there are styles available in a variety of prices and colors.


Carter's feature quality children's clothing in a variety of styles and sizes. Adjustable waist pants come in styles for boys in sizes up to 5T.


Girls jeans

Sears features brand name denim for kids of all ages. Many styles are done with adjustable waistbands and designed in the latest styles.

Land's End

Land's End features durable bottoms for boys and girls. An example of a popular style is:

  • Iron Knee Ripstop Pants for Boys are done with reinforced knees and come in colors such as walnut, olive, copper and blue. Boy sizes 4 to 7 come with an adjustable waistband and feature cargo pockets and relaxed styling. They are priced under $35.

Adjusting Pants and Jeans

Adjustable waist pants for kids are a great option to consider when you are having trouble getting pants to fit your child. To make the adjustment is simple. There is a piece of elastic inside the waistband that has button holes in it. To make the pants tighter, you pull on the elastic and fasten the hidden buttons farther down. To make them looser, you move the button back to add more room.

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Finding Adjustable Waist Kids' Pants