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Parents and coaches whose sons and daughters play baseball will always be on the lookout for affordable youth baseball pants. As with complete youth baseball uniforms, baseball pants can come in many different fabric blends and many different price ranges. Because youth teams outgrow their clothing so quickly, the most affordable pair of pants is often the preferred one among parents and coaches.

Baseball Pants

Players need their baseball pants both for practices and for games. Teams that have a full uniform will often wear different pants during practices with each player wearing a different shirt. On game days, the kids show up all wearing the same uniform, so practices are a good time for kids to be able to choose their own color of jersey. Baseball pants have less variety in colors, so most kids will end up wearing the same color pants, but choosing one's own jersey color can be fun.

Youth baseball pants are actually very reasonable in price (they can be bought for around $20), and come in a few different fabric weights. This difference in the weight of the fabric is an important consideration in hotter climates because the heavier the pants, the more sensitive players will be to the heat. Youth pants generally range in weight from 10 to 17 ounce polyester; the lighter the fabric weight, the less expensive the pants are, generally speaking. In addition to the price decrease due to lighter fabrics, most boys will be happy to have the lighter weight fabric if you live in a very hot climate. Of course, the heavier weights look nicer and hold up better to wear and tear; however, the pants will only fit for a small window of time (one or two seasons), so having pants that are durable enough to last 10 years is an unnecessary expense.

Buying Youth Baseball Pants

Several online sources exist for buying baseball pants for young players. Several of the sites mentioned here offer quantity discounts, so if your whole team needs pants, you can all get a discount by ordering the pants as a group. Quantity discounts sometimes start at as low as six pairs, and shipping charges will also be less per family if multiple families order together.

  • Baseball Express offers several brands, the most notables being Russell and Rawlings. Check out the line from Express Gear in order to see truly affordable prices.
  • Homegrown Sporting Goods offers several different brands, but is on the higher-quality, more expensive, side of the spectrum. In addition, several types of pants they sell are only available in adult sizes. Despite this, there are a few great options for youth sizes, especially from the 'Athletic' brand.

Fitting Sports Clothing

In addition to thinking about the weight of the polyester, you'll also want to think about correct sizing for baseball clothing. Ordering online may be cheaper than going out to a local store at the mall, but it is more difficult in terms of knowing what size to order without being able to try it on. To be safe, visit the manufacturer's website in order to consult the sizing charts of that particular manufacturer. Every brand is slightly different when it comes to sizing, and having ill-fighting uniforms or practice clothing is not only uncomfortable, but if it is really bad, it can even interfere with one's ability to play. The right pants are out there and will allow your son to play the game well and with enthusiasm.

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Youth Baseball Pants