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Trendy moms and dads are always on the lookout for trendy baby clothes and trendy toddler clothes. As children get older they will decide for themselves what is trendy and what not, but as toddlers, kids still allow their parents to choose their clothing, so at this age, it's the style of the parents that really comes across.

Difficulties with Trendy Toddler Clothes

The difficult thing with finding trendy clothes for children is not in the availability, but in finding trendy clothes that don't break the bank. There are plenty of places to find cheap toddler clothes, but these are not always trendy clothing options. At the shops that exclusively sell trendy clothing, the price tags can sometimes be shocking. For this reason, it's finding trendy toddler clothes that are affordable that poses a challenge.

Online Sources

It is usually a lot easier to find affordable clothing online for two reasons. The first reason is that shops compete with each other on the price for a specific piece of clothing. Several brands of children's clothing are sold by many different companies; the company charging the least is usually the one that sells the most of the product. The second reason why finding affordable children's clothing is easier online is closely related to the first: comparison shopping online is a lot easier than driving or walking around to a bunch of different stores to check price tags.

Once you find an item that you love, you can search the Internet for that particular item to see if you can find it cheaper on another site than the site where you found it. Comparison shopping online takes far less time and effort than comparison shopping in physical shops. Try these online shops for inspiration on trends in toddler clothing:

  • Urban Runway: Trendy clothes and adorable shoes for children. The site has a considerable collection of clothing, and offers a sizeable maternity collection of clothing as well as trendy diaper bags and other necessities.
  • Little Trend Setter: The trendiest of baby and toddler clothes
  • My Retro Baby: Trendy retro clothes that never go out of style

A Few Trends

Browsing the sites above will give you an idea of some of the current trends in toddler clothing.

Trends for Girls

Some of the trends in toddler clothing stem from previous decades, while other trends have been taken more directly from recent trends in women's clothing (which in turn have been taken from previous decades). Skinny jeans were in style for women for a few years before toddler skinny jeans became common. In dresses and tops, a current trend for toddlers comes from ideals of the 1960s; T-shirts are being embellished with large flowers and peace signs, and dresses are more often long and flowing than short and cute.

Trends for Boys

Trends in clothing for boys do not change as quickly or as often as trends for girls. Toddler boys are still at the height of fashion when they wear construction-themed clothing, sports-graphic tees like Nike clothing, and anything with their favorite cartoon characters on it. While the idea is the same as it was years ago, the characters and teams, in many cases, have changed.

Wherever you end up finding and buying trendy clothes for the toddler(s) in your life, have fun shopping!

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Trendy Toddler Clothes