Toddlers Flannel Nightgowns

toddlers flannel nightgowns
Organic flannel will keep your toddler warm all night.

You can help guarantee your little ones a sound sleep on a winter's night with toddlers' flannel nightgowns. Whether you buy the nightgown or make it yourself, there are many options available in colors, patterns and style.

Choices in Toddlers' Flannel Nightgowns

While it used to be that nightgowns were all a girl wore to sleep in, from infancy to old age, pajamas have become much more popular. For toddlers, many parents find that a nightgown can be a trip hazard when running through the house, or it can become tangled and create discomfort if the toddler has a restless sleep.

But nightgowns have an undeniably charming, old-fashioned look to them, which may explain why so many popular choices in toddlers' flannel nightgowns are in patterns and trims that would not have been out of place in the 19th century.

The most popular patterns for winter nightgowns are Christmas plaids. They make for a perfect picture on both holiday greeting cards and Christmas morning, and add to the holiday spirit.

Animal patterns are also a big hit. At this age, children are more aware of their clothing and want something fun to wear for sleeping. Puppies, kittens and horses all go over very well.

Since flannels are a winter fabric, it stands to reason that many patterns will feature a winter motif. Snowflakes, snowmen, mittens and trees can all be found on nightgowns. If your toddler has seen the Nutcracker ballet or you've read the story, you might try to find a nightgown with a Nutcracker motif. Dancing mice and candy canes are also popular.

When to Shop

Obviously, you are going to find the widest selection of toddlers' flannel nightgowns when the fall and winter shopping seasons begin, especially if you live in a colder climate. Thanks to the Internet, you can still buy flannels all year round, but you won't find as good a selection both in terms of patterns and sizes.

The advantage to shopping in the off-season is that you can get some great deals. Nightgowns are often half their original price, if not less. This is a major consideration for budget-conscious parents, but size and taste need to be factored in as well. Children grow quickly, so a nightgown that fits in June risks being too small come November. If you or someone you know is good with a needle, however, you can try buying the next size up and make some small alterations as needed. There is also a small chance that a child who wants all puppy-patterned clothes in summer might want nothing but airplanes in winter and you'll have to do some cajoling to get them to accept the nightgown. That's where stories come in handy!

Organic Sleepwear

Toddlers spend a lot of time in bed, and their delicate, absorbent skin demands high-quality bedding and sleepwear. Increasingly, parents are learning just how many chemicals are in most bedding and sleepwear and are thus turning towards organic options to promote their children's short and long-term health. This is a special issue for toddlers' flannel nightgowns, as federal law requires that children over the age of nine months wear sleep clothes that either fit tightly or are treated with fire retardants. These chemicals are highly toxic and their long-term effects are not wholly known, although some studies indicate that they can affect organ and respiratory health. It should be noted that the British and Europeans traditionally put toddlers to sleep in non-chemically treated sleep bags, which guarantees coverage throughout the night and helps regulate the body's temperature. Where you can, you might try shopping for nightgowns made in Canada, Britain or Europe, so as to avoid exposing your children to potentially harmful toxins and let them enjoy a good night's rest.

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Toddlers Flannel Nightgowns