Toddler Girls Summer Tops

Two year-old toddler girl

Toddler girls summer tops will keep your little one cool during the warm weather, while allowing her to express her own personal style at the same time. From flouncy shirt dresses to casual tanks, you'll undoubtedly find some tops this season your daughter will love.

Shopping Tips

There are so many styles of tops to choose from, shopping can be an overwhelming experience for a child. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your trip to the mall is smooth sailing.

Flattering Styles

Just like grown women, little girls each have their own unique body shape and personal style. What looks good on your best friend's preschooler may not look so hot on your own child. Knowing your little girl's body type and what works on her will help you save time shopping. For example, form fitting t-shirts will not be flattering on those who are a bit on the chubby side, while stick straight four year olds will sometimes disappear when wearing a shirt void of a waistline or any midpoint gathering. On the flip side, larger children will feel gorgeous in flouncy, loose tunics, while your skinny sweetie will look adorable in a baby tee or other clinging top.

Fabric Choices

The materials the shirt is made out of is also important. If you live in a very warm or humid climate, try to stick to cotton and other fabrics that will help with body temperature regulation. Avoid rayon, silk, and other threads that will contribute to sweating and discomfort while playing outside. If your child has exceptionally sensitive skin, including conditions such as eczema, breathable cotton will reduce the number of skin irritations that occur, while the opposing fabrics mentioned will actually contribute to the issue.


There are so many cute kids clothes out there, it may be tempting to splurge on a pricy top. Try to keep in mind that your little one is growing fast, and especially with a seasonal shirt, she may only wear it once or twice before she grows out of it and/or the weather cools. Stick to cheap kids clothes, or at least those that are moderately priced if you're trying to balance your budget. Try to purchase your summer wardrobe either right at the beginning of the season (early spring) or in a couple of sizes bigger at the end of the season (midsummer) to get the best prices. Clearance racks will be filled with great finds, and regularly priced items will be slashed down to sometimes even more than half off.

Favorite Places to Find Toddler Girls Summer Tops

Some national stores really jump on the cuteness bandwagon when it comes to seasonal clothing. The following list will help you find the sweetest toddler girls summer tops around.

  • Gymboree - known for their coordinating themed sets year round, but especially in the summer
  • Kohl's - always a deal, always stylish
  • Target - super convenient, as you can shop for all family members at once, and at some locations, get your groceries too.
  • Old Navy - they know kids' style and are known for their kids shirts when the warm weather hits.

Shop Wisely

Taking a toddler into a massive department store and inviting her to wander around and take her pick of the merchandise can be an overwhelming and counterproductive experience. Especially since little girls' sections are often significantly larger than boys', your daughter will be bombarded with pink and purple options she'll struggle to make sense of. Instead, pick out 2 or 3 tops and allow your daughter to choose out of these isolated selections. She will feel proud of being a "big girl" who can pick out her own clothing, and you will be proud of how much time and effort you save during your shopping trip.

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Toddler Girls Summer Tops