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Soccer T Shirts for Girls

Cheryl Cirelli
girl soccer teammates

Any girl who loves to play or watch soccer will enjoy wearing a soccer themed tee. There are a range of fun styles to choose from allowing girls to look stylish while sporting a tee that represents their favorite sport.

Styles of Soccer T Shirts

Although soccer uniforms must generally follow a particular style based on the league's preferences, there are lots of fun t-shirts in a variety of colors that feature fun soccer themes, sayings or pictures. Common phrases like "Yeah, I play like a girl. You got a problem with that?" or "Daddy's little athlete" are often featured along with a soccer ball. If your girl is a soccer player or simply a fan, she is sure to love one (or several!) of these soccer tees:

Attitude Arcade

Attitude Arcade offers a wide variety of t shirts perfect for the soccer playing girl in your home. Styles come in both youth and women sizes and are made from preshrunk cotton. Some styles featured are:

  • Flower Power: This white tee displays a soccer ball nestled in the center of a flower surrounded by other colorful blooms.
  • Cinderella: This cute tee features the saying "Forget about it Princess, not even Cinderella is getting to this ball!" on the back of the white shirt and a soccer ball logo on the front chest area.
  • Soccer Is for Girls...: This tee is printed with the phrase, "Soccer is for girls, and don't you forget it!"
  • Girl's Soccer: This cute tee displays the saying "Girls soccer just like boys, only better!" It comes in white with purple lettering.

Epic Sports

Epic Sports is a mega site offering a huge selection of fun soccer themed t-shirts for youth and adults. Some funny tees for girls include:

  • Life Without Goals: This funny tee features the saying "Don't Go Through Life Without Goals" on the front of the shirt. It comes in sky blue and the text is highlighted with images of flowers and soccer balls.


SoccerSaurus has a large selection of youth and adult soccer tees that are not only comfortable but durable. Some cute tees for girls include:

  • Halftime Treats: This tee is done in white and displays the saying "Will play soccer for halftime treats."
  • Jill Soccer T-Shirt: This soccer tee is designed for girls and says "Jill's got skills" on the front and a soccer version of the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill on the back.

Kid's Soccer World

Kid's Soccer World offers a variety of fun tees with soccer themes. Some styles just for the girls include:

  • Kick It Like A Girl: This tee comes in white or ash gray and features the saying " As a matter of fact, I do kick like a girl."
  • Play To Win: This cute tee says "Girls play to win" on the front. It is done in your choice of gray or white tee and has colorful vibrant lettering.
  • Princess: This girly tee says Soccer Princess on the front done in bright pink lettering.

Express Your Passion

Wearing a fun tee with a soccer theme is a great way for a girl to express their passion for soccer. There are a variety of tees available making it easy to find ones that reflect a girl's style and personality. Soccer tees also make a great gift for the active girl who plays soccer or is a big fan of the game.

Soccer T Shirts for Girls