Girls in Skirts

Skirts are Fun and Stylish Staples

Girls in skirts are as familiar an image as boys in jeans. Part of the fun of having a little girl is getting to dress her up, kind of like having a real live doll to play with. There is a huge variety of skirts for girls, whether she's heading off to her first day of kindergarten or needs something dressier for a special event.

If your little girl is going on a playdate, picnic, to the movies, school or is just spending the day with you, these girls in skirts may give you some ideas on the type of clothing your little girl loves.

First Day of School

This adorable outfit is perfect for a school day. The pink in the plaid skirt coordinates with the soft pink sweater. Long socks and Mary Jane shoes complete this cute ensemble.

All Dressed Up

This party-perfect outfit can take a girl to many dressy events. A simple black top works well with a plaid skirt. You can also choose other shirts that match the colors in the skirt, including white, red or gray.

Ready for Rain

A denim skirt is very versatile. It can be paired with summer or winter tops. This skirt gets a stylish punch from pink rain boots that any girl would love to splash around in.

Girls in Skirts Can Have Fun in Comfort

Just because a girl wears a skirt doesn't mean she can't run and play. If you're worried about a girl climbing and jumping, just put a pair of shorts beneath her skirt.

This blue top coordinates with this girl's socks and shoes. A wide headband finishes off this girly look perfectly.

Perfect for Fall and Winter

This unique skirt is a great option for cool weather. Shown with a vibrant sweater, tights and boots, this is a cute outfit for the girl who loves to stand out.

Beach Fun

Skirts can even make it to the beach! When swimming isn't in the plans, a girl can still have fun in a skirted ensemble. Paired with a cardigan, she'll be protected from sea breezes while still having a great time splashing in the water.

Dance Skirts

Little girls who dance are often in skirts, which are great for twirling. Tutus and flowing skirts in gauzy materials are part of many fond childhood memories. Skirts like these can be part of dress-up play or worn for special occasions.

Flowers for Mom

This casual outfit is suitable for any occasion except the dressiest. A girl can go to school or on a playdate and feel comfortable and cute at the same time.

Picture Perfect

If you or your little girl adore pink, there's no shortage of this soft and pretty color for girls' clothing. So many colors coordinate well with pink that you don't have to settle for an all-pink outfit if you don't want to.

The deep aqua in this ensemble adds a little kick to the sugary pink. Matching hair accessories and shoes finish off this look perfectly.

If you're looking for more inspiration for your little girl's outfits, try a gallery of girls in dresses.

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Girls in Skirts