Girls in Overalls

Girls in overalls are perfectly comfortable in all seasons. In spring and summer, she can slip a cool tee or tank top beneath these durable denim pieces. In fall and winter, long-sleeve tops and turtlenecks keep her warm, but still stylish.

Girls in overalls are dressed appropriately for school or play. There are many other options in cute overall styles besides basic blue denim, so take a look through this gallery and see what overall styles inspire your little girl!

Girls in Overalls are Bright

These brightly colored overalls are a vibrant alternative to the usual blue denim offerings. Add an equally bright hat and she's created her own look!

How Many More Days?

Colorful patches add adorable flair to this green pair of overalls, which are perfect for greeting a certain jolly elf.

Overalls in Fall

Get ready to visit your favorite pumpkin patch or jump in a pile of crispy leaves. Overalls are a comfortable item for girls to wear for all those fall outings.

Still Girly

Small floral embellishments and feminine tops put a girly touch on even the plainest pair of denim overalls.

Room to Grow

Roll up overall legs and they'll last through those inevitable growth spurts--a smart way for budget-conscious parents to get their money's worth!

Summer Stylin'

Short overalls like this are sure to keep girls cool in warm weather. She's ready to help out in the garden!

Quiet Play

When she's done playing outside, overalls are still great for playing inside, whether she wants to play with dolls, animals or do something artistic.

A Versatile Piece

Overalls work for a variety of casual occasions. A girl can add a personal touch with girly shirts and shoes, or she can be a complete tomboy.

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Girls in Overalls