Matching Mother Daughter Christmas Dresses

Matching Christmas Dresses

When daughters are of a certain age, it can be lots of fun for moms and girls to wear matching mother/daughter Christmas dresses. Of course, once a daughter reaches a certain age, this will no longer be a fun idea, so if the idea appeals to Mom, grab your chance while your daughter is still young. While there are not tons of businesses that make such matching mother/daughter dresses, there's another great option: making matching dresses yourself.

Shopping Tips

Though there aren't many companies who make matching mother/daughter Christmas dresses, there are some. Depending on the style of Christmas dress you and your daughter would like to have this year, one of these dresses may be nice.

A red empire waist dress that is perfect for an evening holiday party because it is quite dressy is a nice option. This dress does not scream out 'Christmas' because it has only one of the 'Christmas colors'; therefore, this is a nice versatile dress that can be worn for several different occasions during the course of the same winter.

A burgundy velvet dress with an empire waist, full skirt, and flared sleeves is a rich-textured dress in matching mother and daughter styles. The child's dress includes a green sash and a high neck, while the mother's dress has a more elegant look with a deeper cut neckline. This is also a versatile winter dress.

If you're looking for matching dresses that are distinctively Christmas dresses, this red and green plaid dress is a great option. The plaid skirt has a truly Christmas look, with a green suede top of the dress attached under a green sash. This dress gives a truly Christmas feel.

Another dress option that is quite perfect for Christmas is this black velvet top with a red plaid skirt and a black bow tied at the waist. One of the only holiday dresses with short sleeves, this dress style is a nice one for children as well as for adults.

All of these dresses will pair nicely with simple black dress shoes, making them easy to accessorize.

Sew Your Own Matching Mother/Daughter Christmas Dresses

If none of these dresses appeal to you, another option is to sew your own dresses or to have a friend or family member who sews make them for you. In this way, you can choose the fabrics yourselves; from the material you'd like to use down to the colors you'd like to have in the dress, sewing your own is a great way to make all the choices yourself.

There is a Butterick pattern, number 4688, which offers a matching winter-styled dress in both mother and daughter sizes. Depending on the fabric you use for the dresses, you can make the dresses as distinctly Christmas or a versatile as you would like.

Whether you make your own matching Christmas dresses or find a perfect set of dresses to buy for both you and your daughter, enjoy this period when your daughter finds it fun to match with you instead of wearing a special occasion dress that's completely different from yours. Take lots of pictures-you'll want to remember these days!

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Matching Mother Daughter Christmas Dresses