Linen Suit for Boys

Linen Suit

In summer months, a linen suit for boys is a great option when it's time to dress up for a special occasion. Linen suits look particularly nice in the summer months, regardless of how old the wearer of the suit happens to be.

Linen Suits

There may seem to be no particular reason to wear a linen suit instead of a suit of another material; however, there are actually several reasons for which one would consider a linen suit to be a more suitable option than a suit made of any other fabric or fabric blend.

The most often-cited reason for wearing a linen suit is that it is cooler (temperature wise) than just about any other suit material. This advantage can be particularly important for younger suit wearers in hot climates. If you are going to a wedding or some other outdoor event where the entire family is supposed to be dressed up, you might be able to keep your son on the cool side by having him wear linen suits. This can reduce the amount of complaining you have to listen to over the course of the day. Perhaps an even more advantageous feature of linen suits is that they are, quite literally, supposed to look wrinkled. If you know that your son is going to be running around, sitting and lounging around, and doing all kinds of things that will result in a wrinkled suit, why not purchase a suit that is supposed to look wrinkled instead of trying to get him to behave in such a way so as to not wrinkle the suit? You'll save both your son and yourself a lot of headaches by investing in a linen suit that he is free to wrinkle while wearing it.

Where to Find Linen Suits for Boys

The following retailers offer various sizes and colors of linen suits for boys:

  • Linen Kids offers several different linen suits in different sizes, prices, and colors. This shop also offers linen shirts and blazers, pants and all sorts of linen clothing, both for dressing up and for general play clothes.
  • Dr. Jays offers linen suits either in toddler sizes or young boys' sizes, any of which are a bargain at just over $50.

Occasions for Linen Suits

Boys' linen suits are popular for many occasions. Most linen suits are marketed either as First Communion suits or wedding suits. The First Communion suits are white, and the wedding suits can be white as well. As with linen suits for teenagers and adults, many linen suits for younger boys are made of various colors of khaki browns, ranging from fairly light in color to fairly dark. The specific color one chooses will influence the type of shirt to wear, and whether or not a tie is worn with the suit.

Types of Linen

Linen suits come in several different weights of linen. The lighter weights are very well suited for summer occasions or warm climates. Most linen suits are made from lighter weights of linen fabric. The heavier weights of linen are not often on the retail market, but specialty suit makers will make linen suits for you out of these fabrics. The reason why one would want a heavier weight fabric is because these heavy ones wrinkle less than the light ones do. While this may be desirable, the heavier weights are not as comfortable to wear, especially for children.

Linen suits look casual and fancy all at once, a great combination for boys dressing up, especially in summer.

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Linen Suit for Boys