Kids Straw Hat

girl in pink straw hat

There are many different occasions where a kids straw hat can come in handy. Whether you want a colorful and festive hat for a holiday or just want some extra shade from the intense sunlight of summer, there are so many fun styles and shapes in straw hats that you are certain to find the perfect one for your son or daughter.

Straw Hats for Boys

Straw hats are just as suitable for boys as girls, although the male version is obviously less frilly. Typically, a straw hat for a boy will come in a neutral, non-dyed natural straw color. These hats may take on many different details for different purposes:

  • Fishing: A straw hat for fishing is perfect for a day out on the lake with dad or grandpa. A fishing hat usually has a medium wide brim and place to attach fishing lures to mark it as an "official" fishing hat. The hat serves a dual purpose in helping your youngster look like a fisherman, while also shading his head from the sun.
  • Country Boy: Your son will fit right in on the farm with a country style straw hat. These hats have an unfinished, homemade appearance, often with loose pieces of woven straw hanging from the ends for a frayed edge. Oriental Trading offers these hats for only $7.99 each. A cowboy style straw hat would fit into this category easily and look cute paired with jean overalls.
  • Straw Fedora: You'll even find a super cute straw fedora at Amazon which could be perfect to wear for holidays such as Easter with a casual suit or to a wedding. The fedora is a stylish, small hat that most toddler boys will enjoy wearing.

Kids Straw Hat for Girls

If there is a good selection of straw hats for boys, there are even more straw hats for girls. Straw hats are inexpensive, but come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This means that you can find a fancy straw hat for a special occasion that requires a dressier look or a more casual hat for parties and outdoor play.

  • Bucket Hat: So pretty that it doesn't even look like it's made of straw, this bucket hat comes in pink and white and is accented with ribbon.
  • Dressy Boater Hat: Simple straw hats with short brims take on a dressy flair when accents are added. For eample, this straw, tulle and ribbon hat from Walmart would look adorable paired with a sundress or romper.
  • Easter Bonnet: Many traditional Easter bonnets are made from straw. Since a child's Easter hat is typically only worn one time before it's outgrown, the frugal nature of straw makes for a good bargain. You can find spring-themed hats in pastel colors and white with accents such as gauzy ribbons and florals. There is a hat for every Easter dress.

Straw hats can be a seasonal item. During the months leading up to spring and summer, you'll have luck finding cute hats at big box retailers such as Sears, Target and Walmart as well as children's specialty stores, such as Justice and Claire's Boutiques. However, if you need a straw hat during fall and winter, you may have a harder time locating the selection you need. Luckily, many online retailers for children offer straw hats year round. Try stores like Little Lids. No matter what the season is, you should be able to find the perfect hat for your child.

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Kids Straw Hat