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Skateboarding boy in jean shorts and a tee
Even skating has a dress code.

Kids skate tees are more than an accoutrement. It is a nod to the realm of extreme sports. When your child cavorts around town in a skate-inspired tee, he reminds passersby of the devilishly daring world of skateboarding. Some parents have their own history within this world and so it's no surprise that skate companies are now targeting the world of baby and kids' fashions in order to accommodate parental nostalgia. However, many up-and-coming youths develop an affinity for skateboards and have earned their right to sport skate tees with pride.

Buying Kids Skate Tees

Skate tees are typically manufactured by companies that support big names in the skateboarding world. Many of these companies sponsor extreme sporting events alongside their support of athletes. So, when you're looking to purchase a kid's skate tee, the decision isn't always arbitrary. You or your child may be a fan of a specific athlete, and so it would make sense to purchase from the company that supports your prized skateboarding icon.

Many other skateboarding fans choose their attire based on what looks good or what generally represents their subculture. Large extreme sport stores such as Val Surf and Pacific Sunwear carry clothing lines from the best known brands in extreme sports. Which labels are highly recognizable in the skate/surf world? Most skate or surf themed stores will carry lines such as:

  • Quicksilver
  • Volcom
  • Paul Frank
  • Billabong
  • Element
  • Spitfire
  • RVCA

Be aware that there is a generous amount of crossover throughout the skate, snowboarding, and surf world. Since these sports are classified under the "extreme" category, many skaters have no problem traipsing about in labels that were originally surf-themed. There is also the reality that many skaters are surfers as well as snowboarders. If it's wild and dangerous, they are doing it and must be dressed accordingly.Paul Frank Industries is an excellent place to shop for colorful skate tees. Many young female skaters enjoy wearing the Julius monkey logo, and the bright designs and fun logos are a treat for most children. Although Paul Frank is primarily an indie label, the company's designs are often sold in skate-related stores and worn by all manner of skate-fans. Paul Frank also sells a generous amount of kids' apparel which can be difficult to find under different skate labels.

Brands like Quicksilver also appeal to the children's crowd, but many big name skate apparel lines do not cater to children's sizing. Some offer only adult sizes, so your child may have to wait until his teen years to sport the Volcom logo properly.

Subculture Stores

Since many skate stores will be dominated by adult apparel, you may need to look at stores that specialize in subcultures.

Online vendors such as PunkBabyClothes offer skate-related/punk T-shirts that should suffice. The world of skateboarding isn't limited to skate-company brands. Many skaters also dabble in the punk world and vice versa. If your child is primarily interested in the competitive sports side of skateboarding, he may not appreciate stores like Hot Topic. However, if the skateboarding subculture carries the appeal, this can open up your child's fashion options tremendously.

The Poser Factor

When you're looking to purchase children's skate tees for your child, it's never a bad idea to ensure that your he also has a skateboard. When your child announces his allegiance to a subculture, he'll endure less flack if he's actually a part of that subculture. In essence, it's a bit sad when your kid is decked out in skateboard apparel while his passion is for drama club. Fellow classmates may be slightly critical of these fashion choices. Such inconsistencies can lead to name calling and various forms of public disapproval.

So when your child begins to request the fashion of this subculture, remember the rule: skateboard first, then T-shirts.

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Kids Skate Tees