Kids Polo Tees

Sporty Polo

For the summer and beyond, kids' polo tees are a basic clothing item that can be dressed up or down for maximum flexibility in use. Featuring bright colors and cute patterns such as wide stripes, polo tees can be a great summer clothing item for your sons and daughters.

Brands of Kids' Polo Tees

Polo shirts are a popular item, and, as such, there are several brands that produce various styles of polo tees. In every price range there are stylish options, ranging from the classic Ralph Lauren and Lacoste tees to basic polos from Target or Old Navy.

Ralph Lauren Polos

The original polo shirt maker, Ralph Lauren, offers a wide selection of polo shirts for the whole family, including children's and baby sizes. For boys, styles range from the classic single-color polo shirt with the horse (polo player) logo on the left breast, to sporty styles with a diagonal stripe across the front or a team's name on the shirt itself. Polo shirts by Polo Ralph Lauren are on the pricey side, ranging from $30 to $70 depending on the size and the style, however, their classic appeal makes them a favorite among many groups of shoppers despite their price tag.For girls, Ralph Lauren also makes a selection of polo shirts, using color blocking to create new styles instead of the sports-team inspired looks popular for boys. For girls, prices range from $30 to $50 depending on size and style. For the fashion-conscious young girl, there are several looks at Ralph Lauren that combine classic styles with cutting-edge modern designs. New favorites are the polo with wide stripes down the sides of the body, and the color-blocked polo with four large rectangles on the front. Ralph Lauren also has a wide selection of polo dresses for girls, which can be paired with a pair of flip flops for an easy and cute summer outfit.

Lacoste Polos

Another classic brand for kids' polo tees is Lacoste. In a similar price range as Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste makes several different styles of boys' polo shirts. The reigning style at Lacoste is lots of stripes, giving a less sporty look than the soccer-inspired styles of Ralph Lauren. A traditional boys' polo shirt maker, Lacoste is a brand name trusted by families all around the world for lasting quality and classic style. Lacoste does make children's clothing for girls, but you won't currently find any polo shirts specially sized and styled for girls. Plenty of other styles of shirts and dresses are popular for girls at Lacoste.

Old Navy

Without a doubt, Old Navy is the affordable brand of kids' fashion. Boys' polo shirts are priced as low as two polos for $15, and there are so many different styles to choose from that you are guaranteed to find a style and color you like. Whether you want classic stripes or a fashionable Hawaiian print, Old Navy offers it all--at fabulous prices.

While the selection of girls' polo tees is smaller than the boys' selection, there are several classic and cute options from Old Navy. The classic polo is priced as low as two for $15, and there are also cute styles with puffed sleeves or hearts printed on the front of the polo shirt. For contemporary styles at affordable prices, Old Navy clothing for kids is a winner.

L.L. Bean

While L.L. Bean is more limited in their range of styles of boys' polo shirts, their 100 percent guarantee paired with a low price (about $15 to $20 per polo) makes them a favorite brand for families looking for high quality at a reasonable price. Another nice feature of the L.L. Bean boys' polo is that you can get it with long sleeves for the spring and fall seasons.Girls' polos from L.L. Bean are essentially similar polos with different sizing and a few additional colors. Still at the right price, L.L. Bean is a long-term favorite for active-wear for men, women, and children. Check out the adorable baby-sized polos!

Shopping for Polos

Whether you visit a shop of one of the brands mentioned above, or look for polo tees at Target or Walmart, remember that many polos are versatile enough to be worn by both boys and girls. If you go for the more neutral styles, you may be able to get even more years of wear out of your purchase.

Kids Polo Tees