Kids One Piece Pajamas

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Sleepwear that will keep children warm and secure like kids' one-piece pajamas are a great basic item for any parent to add to a child's nighttime wardrobe.

Benefits of One-Piece PJs

One-piece sleepwear isn't just for babies. There are a number of benefits parents may want to consider when deciding whether or not to buy these types of pj's. These are just a few good points about kids' one-piece pajamas:

  • Won't lose pieces: Anyone who's ever searched high and low for the bottom or top to a pajama set knows how annoying it can be to come up empty. With one-piece pj's, there's no worry about one piece of a set getting lost.
  • Warmth: Footed one-piece sleepwear is particularly warm, which is an important point during cooler weather. If you have a little one who always manages to kick all of her covers off, and you worry that she'll be cold as a result, one-piece footie pajamas eliminate that worry. Even if she doesn't have a blanket over her, she has the warmth of almost total coverage.
  • Easy on and off: In most cases, one-piece pajamas either zip or snap closed. Little hands who want to dress or undress themselves won't have to fiddle with buttons, which can be difficult for younger kids.

One drawback that one-piece pajamas may present is what to do when potty training. When a child has to "go" in a hurry, having to unzip or unsnap sleepwear can waste precious seconds, especially in the middle of the night. While many children successfully wear one-piece pajamas during this process and incur no accidents, you may want to put your little one in easy on/easy off bottoms for the toilet training period.

Types of Kids' One-Piece Pajamas

There's a lot of variety in children's sleepwear, and one-piece pajamas are no exception. These are the most common types you'll find:

  • Footed: Not only do they keep little feet warm and cozy all fall and winter long, they're adorable. Zip or snap a child into footed pj's and you don't have to worry about socks, slippers or kicking off covers in the night.
  • Footless: Some children prefer to leave their feet free, so one-piece pajamas are also available in footless versions.
  • Cozy material: Because this type of sleepwear is so often used during cooler weather, you most often find it in thick, warm materials like flannel or fleece, but cotton pajamas are available if you prefer.

Pajama Patterns

There's almost an endless supply of patterns and prints suitable for boys and girls. Besides solid-colored pajamas, you'll find plenty of fun prints, such as:

  • Trucks
  • Florals
  • Bugs
  • Animal print
  • Airplanes
  • Boats
  • Ice skates
  • Sporty themes
  • Snowflakes
  • Camouflage
  • Animals
  • Aliens
  • Dinosaurs
  • Tools
  • Cartoon characters

Buy one-piece pajamas reflecting a child's favorite things and they're sure to be a hit.

Finding One-Piece Pajamas for Kids

Shopping for kids' sleepwear is usually a simple, straightforward process. If you know that your daughter loves princesses and the color pink, there's plenty of pink, girly-girl pajamas perfect for her. For boys who can't get enough of spaceships or creepy crawlies, you'll find lots of one-piece pj's that he'll love. Besides looking into local shops and stores, these online retailers carry a huge selection of pajamas for kids and adults:

For Kids of All Ages

One-piece pajamas, especially the footed variety, aren't just for babies and toddlers. They come in sizes to fit older children, teens and even grown-ups. With a large selection of colors, designs and styles, every member of the family can now have his own pair (or two!) of one-piece pj's perfect for keeping warm all over.

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