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What better way to pass on a love of hunting than with kids hunting clothing? Hunting clothes for kids are both stylish and functional, adding warmth for cool weather or camouflage to help blend with the great outdoors. Depending upon what type of hunting you plan to do, your child may need some or all of the following hunting duds.


Almost all hunting pants come in either neutral colors or camouflage designs. You'll find shorts as well as insulated and uninsulated pants. Consider the type of hunting you might be participating in. For example, if hunting for deer, the weather might be colder, so insulated clothing will be a necessity. Another option is to purchase a hunting jumpsuit, which is typically insulated and available in either camouflage or an easy to spot bright orange.


Most hunters will want a jacket to go with their overall hunting outfit. Since many hunters hunt early in the day, the temperatures might be cool, even during warmer seasons. There are a wide variety of hunting jackets available made specifically for kids. When deciding which jacket to purchase, consider if you'll need something waterproof and how warm the jacket might need to be. Some options include:

  • Goose down lining
  • Waterproof or water resistant
  • Camouflage or solid color
  • Reflection strips
  • With hood or without
  • Pockets for ammunition and other equipment you might need while hunting


When it comes to kids hunting clothing, hats are optional. In fact, many jackets already come with hoods, reducing the need for a hat. However, hats can help retain warmth and provide extra protection from the elements. There are many different types of hats that can be used for hunting, including:

  • Caps
  • Beanie caps
  • Caps with headlamps
  • Boonie hats with or without mosquito netting
  • Visors


While gloves aren't necessary for hunting, planning ahead for the type of gloves your child will wear can make a huge difference in his or her first hunting experience. For colder weather, some fleece gloves can keep fingers warm. Many of these come in solid colors and camouflage. Probably the best glove style for hunting is a glommit. A glommit is a cross between a mitten and a glove. The glommit functions as a mitten until your child needs to use his fingers and then the top half is folded back to reveal knitted gloved fingers with bare fingertips. This allows a huge amount of functionality for tasks that require manual dexterity.


Boots are a must for just about any type of hunting. Outdoor adventures mean running into mud, water and other elements. A boot can protect tender feet from these hazards and keep your child dry and warm. It is probably best to stick with a boot made specifically for hunting. There are many options available for children, including rubber boots in camouflage in a variety of boot heights. You'll also find different treads and lacing options in various sizes. For young boys, a boot that matches Dad's boots can be a big hit. Girls will appreciate pink camo or solid-colored boots in many cases.

Places to Purchase Kids Hunting Clothing

There are more places than you might think to purchase hunting clothes for children. Big box stores like Wal-Mart feature a few options as do outdoor-specific suppliers like Bass Pro Shops and Dick's Sporting Goods. For an even wider selection, try these online retailers:

  • Cabela's - This hunter's supply store has just about everything hunting-related you could imagine and many items in kids' sizes as well. This is where you'll find items like a hunting cap with a battery-operated light on the front. You'll also find boots, gloves and complete outfits for your child.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - This is a huge outdoor sports retailer with a specific section highlighting kids clothing. You'll find winter accessories and many of the accessory options like gloves, boots and hats at this store.
  • Bass Pro - This hunter's supply store has a specific section for children's gear as well. In addition to hats, boots and clothing, they offer special gear for archery and even some cute sleepwear for babies who will one day be hunters.
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