Girls Flannel Lined Jeans

Flannel Lined Jeans

Flannel lined jeans for girls are cozy and cute, but that's not the only reason you will want to buy these adorable jeans. If your little girl complains of chills or enjoys playing outside when it's cold, these lined jeans are an even better buy.

Four Girls' Flannel Lined Jeans Styles

Flannel lined jeans come in a variety of styles making it easy to find a pair that your child will enjoy wearing. Some styles are funky, still others are no-nonsense, and even others are girly (and even pink). You can find lined jeans with an elastic back, adjustable waist and classic designs. Some styles to check out include:

L.L. Bean Double L Boot-Cut Jeans

From L.L. Bean, Double L Boot-Cut Jeans for girls are lined with soft flannel done in a pretty pink plaid.They are made from a cotton denim and spandex blend fabric, providing all day comfort. Double L jeans have an adjustable waistband and five pocket styling. They come in girls' even sizes eight to 16. They are priced just under $40.

Old Navy Printed Lined Jeans

Old Navy Performance Fleece Lined Boot Cut Jeans

From Old Navy, Printed Lined Jeans are done in your choice of dark or medium wash.They are made from a blend of cotton and polyester and have an adjustable waistband providing a custom fit. The printed lining varies for each wash. The dark wash uses a pink animal print lining and the medium wash uses a blue polka dot lining. Printed Lined Jeans come in girls' sizes five to 16 and are priced around $30.

Cabela's Girls' Flannel Lined Jeans

Cabela's Girls' Flannel Lined Jeans are done with a cute pink and white flannel lining. They comes in even sizes five to eight and 10 to 16. They are stonewashed for a broken-in look and feel and come in an indigo color. Other features include boot-cut openings. number five zipper and an antique brass button closure. These jeans are priced around $40.

Gander Mountain Girls Flannel Lined Jeans

Girls' Gander Mountain Flannel Lined Jeans are perfect for the weather gets cold. They are done with a pink flannel lining and made from cotton denim. These jeans have a worn-in look and an adjustable waistband. They are priced around $25 and come in girls' sizes up to 16.

Girls flannel jeans

Caring for Flannel Lined Jeans

Flannel-lined jeans are an exciting purchase no matter what, but it's particularly enjoyable to watch pants you buy last more than one season. If you buy a pair of jeans in a size with room to grow and care for them properly, they may serve your daughter (or her younger siblings) for several seasons

  • Wash flannel-lined jeans in cool or warm water with like colors, pre-treating any stains as necessary.
  • Use fabric softener that has been tested on children, such as Eco-Baby brand, if you are afraid of flannel getting rough after a line dry or hard water wash.
  • Try to wash your flannel-lined jeans inside out if you don't want the denim to fade too much in the wash. That's because rubbing against other clothes in the wash can wear out jeans.

Comfortable and Warm

When the weather cools down and kids are playing outside, lined jeans are the perfect option to keep your child warm and comfortable. Girls will love the added warmth without the bulk and the many stylish options available. Consider adding one or two pairs to your little girl's clothing collection for days when its cold yet outdoor play is still going on.

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Girls Flannel Lined Jeans