Kids Bike Shorts

kids bike shorts

Kids bike shorts are a worthwhile addition to your child's wardrobe, as families gear up every year for popular outdoor activities such as riding trips and sporting events.

Why Purchase Kids Bike Shorts?

Kids bike shorts are affordable, convenient, and a comfortable alternative to jeans and other clothing bottoms that do not move easily during activity. They also work well to ensure modesty in young girls when worn under a dress or skirt, and add extra lower body support to children involved in competitive sports.

What to Look For

While shopping for kids bike shorts, you'll want to keep a couple of things in mind.


Above all else, your child should feel comfortable in the shorts. While they are form fitting, they are also designed to move with your body and not constrict in the waist or thighs. Shorts should be breathable and comfy enough to wear for extended periods of time. Too tight shorts will cause overheating while bike riding or playing sports outside, and baggy shorts will not fit well under clothing. It's important to bring your child shopping with you so you can ensure the perfect fit.


Keep it simple. Children's interests change quickly. Today it will be pink, tomorrow it will be yellow. Since it's exhausting to keep up with your kids' likes and dislikes, shop for bike shorts that are simple and functional. Avoid loud patterns or "popular" logos that won't be loved tomorrow as much as they are today. Neutral shades of blue, red and green are a great choice - as are black, white and brown that will go with anything and are likely to be agreeable with your child's fashion sense, however sensible or insensible it happens to be.


We all love a deal, but remember you'll often get what you pay for. If your child will be wearing his/her bike shorts for an active sport or activity, you will want to buy from a reputable brand known for its quality and durability. Since children outgrow their clothes so quickly, there is no reason to spend a fortune, but buying the cheapest option will sometimes leave you with frustrating results.

Where to Buy

Both the Internet and physical store locations carry a selection of bike shorts for children. Below are a few ideas to get your shopping done efficiently.


The popular outdoors store, REI, carries a good selection of kids bike shorts. This is especially true in the spring and summer, where families are getting outside and on the bicycle trails.

Sold via Aero Tech Designs, the popular online marketplace, Amazon, sells children's bike shorts that are simple and functional in design. These form fitting pairs are ideal for under-the-clothes- wear, and also work well alone for sports and fitness. They also come in a variety of colors your child will be excited to choose from.

Discount Dance Supply

For girls, dance stores can sometimes carry bike shorts. Discount Dance Supply carries a simple black short that is great for all seasons.

If you are having trouble finding kids bike shorts and your child is signed up for a specific activity where they are required, ask the teacher/coach to refer you to a store that sells what you need. Chances are, he/she knows more about who sells what, and this can save you a lot of time.

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Kids Bike Shorts