Infant Girl Overalls

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Infant girl overalls are so cute, but they also happen to be one of the trickiest items to have a baby girl wear. If you don't find the right pair, they will seem particularly difficult to take on and off in order to change diapers. Shop smart, and you will save yourself significant trouble.

Kids' Overalls Fit Tips

Overalls for girls can be especially challenging to purchase when you are shopping. Let this guide help you choose a pair of overalls to flatter an infant baby girl, while keeping safety in mind.

  • Pick out an overall-style onesie that's simply embroidered or otherwise designed to look like a pair of overalls. You can find a pair that has all the design details and lines of a pair of overalls, but that doesn't feature the same bothersome snaps, closures, and buttons.
  • Select overalls with the T-shirt sewn right in, to ensure that the overalls you choose don't slip off the shoulders of a squirming infant.
  • Look for overalls made in chambray, which looks like denim, but is much softer. This is a cute choice for the "rugged" look, but it is less stiff.
  • Be sure that the overalls you select for a baby girl have easy-to-close snaps along the bottom for diaper changing, which minimizes bother when you are on the go.
  • Watch out for unnecessary cords and ties on clothes made to fit an infant girl. They can be dangerous. This is especially true for handmade overalls.
  • After buying overalls online, make sure that you check the closures on the overalls to make sure that they are secure. You don't want them snapping off and endangering your child.

Styling Cute Overalls for Girls

These styling options for girls are perfect for anyone shopping for overalls, and for people who like to accessorize.

Shirts: If the overalls you select don't have a shirt sewn right in, a simple onesie will do the job perfectly. These shirts have snaps on the bottom to aid in diaper changing, and they are available in every color under the sun. Get one with a cheeky saying to make people laugh.

Shoes: Pair your child's overalls with a pair of shoes that match the overall vibe. Mary Jane shoe-socks for infants keep the feet warm, but they aren't too hard or stiff. Another option is a simple embroidered sock (slightly heavier than the standard cotton version), which looks great with both blue and pink overalls.

Accessories: It can be hard to accessorize an infant, but a patterned hat always looks cute on a small child. It's functional, too! Try buying a matching hat for each of the infant overalls you purchase, preferably to match the shoes you choose.

Buy Infant Girl Overalls

These locations stock plenty of sweet overalls for you to peruse.

  • JCPenney is a great location to buy overalls for infant girls. You can easily find overalls for summer and winter in multiple colors, and the overall sets can be combined with a coupon code for maximum savings. Try the to-store shipping to save even further.
  • Macy's has some adorable overalls stocked on their site, like baby sets that include a tiny T-shirt, socks, and shoes.
  • is an excellent place to shop if you are short on time. You won't feel shopping stress when you're getting results from online vendors everywhere (and can possibly take advantage of Amazon's special Super Saver shipping).
  • Babies "R" Us carries whimsical overall sets as well as ones that looks like overalls, but are actually two-piece combos. If overalls aren't the only thing you are after, go to this site to check out much more.

Infant girl overalls are a fantastic purchase for the doting mom, grandma, aunt, or godmother who wants someone to look fabulous-as long as she manages to follow some basic fit tips for added comfort. Whether it's light pink your daughter wears or something more neutral, you know you're going to start hearing complements rolling in on that bundle of joy in overalls.

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