Infant Christmas Dress

Christmas jumper

For the holiday season, babies may need an infant Christmas dress that can be dressed up for parties and dressed down for fun days at home. For this kind of versatility, a simple jumper is ideal. While you may be tempted to buy a really fancy dress, remember that for little bodies with sensitive skin, the fewer ruffles, the better.

Infant Christmas Dress Styles

From the very fancy to everyday casual, Christmas dresses come in many different styles. The following descriptions can help you make a choice between all of the different options you will undoubtedly encounter when you go out shopping or browse the Internet for a holiday outfit that's both cute and festive.

Informal Jumpers

For babies, a short, jumper-style dress with a pair of leggings can be a great option, especially if the dress is made out of a skin-friendly material. Opt for all cotton if it's available, as this is generally the fabric that has the least chance of irritating your baby's skin. Even if your baby does not have skin that is all that sensitive, your child will simply be more comfortable in a soft, pliable fabric. A comfortable baby is one who cries less often than one who is itchy or whose movement is restrained.

Informal Dresses

Dresses made of comfortable, swaying materials are similar to jumpers, but are usually longer, and worn with bloomers or tights instead of a pair of leggings. All of the same fabric considerations apply with this type of holiday dress.

Fancy Holiday Party Dresses

Older children may want ruffles galore and lace trim, which is how many baby dresses get covered in lace and itchy appliques. However, don't expect your child to be comfortable in this type of dress for very long. For a photo shoot with Santa or a quick visit to a friend, this dress style is surely adorable, but make sure you always have a comfortable change of clothes for your infant if you opt for these beautiful Christmas dresses.

Online Buying Sources

If you visit local clothing shops and department stores, from October onwards you can find a wide selection of child and infant Christmas dress styles. For those who prefer the convenience of shopping online, the following sources feature adorable holiday children's clothing.

Sophia's Style

Sophia's Style is a boutique for children's clothing offering an impressive collection of holiday clothing! The section for girls' dresses is a large one, and within this section, several different subsections, including Christmas, are present. The styles range from cute and cuddly jumpers to formal, shiny dresses with layers of tulle underneath the skirt. Sizes range from newborn up through all sizes for older girls; the only size missing in the Christmas dress section is that for premature babies. A final consideration in choosing one of these adorable dresses is that one of the ones with a more wintry theme (as opposed to full-out Christmas) can be worn all winter long. The penguins and snowmen are particularly adorable.

Tiny Tot Dress Shop

For formal holiday dresses, the Tiny Tot Dress Shop is an ideal shopping experience! In addition to the fancy dresses, a smaller selection of infant jumpers and everyday dresses is also available, including an adorable Santa Baby dress that comes in infant and toddler sizes. Prices are reasonable, and the fancy dresses are truly gorgeous. If you need a fancy Christmas dress, this boutique is a great option.


Macy's features several options for holiday apparel, and the selection is always bigger during Christmas season. Dresses here are very stylish and typically run about $40, but you'll occasionally find items on sale. also offers an impressive selection of holiday apparel, including several baby and children's holiday dresses. With affordable prices, free shipping, and the convenience of one-stop-shopping, this is a popular site for buying children's clothing.

Dressing for the Season

Once you have purchased a holiday outfit or two, remember that some fun accessories can turn the outfits into an even more special look. Elastic headbands (the circular kind for infants) in bright red or a red/green plaid can really dress up a Christmas look. Choose accessories by thinking about comfort and fabrics so that your baby will not get cranky because of her clothing. Lastly, for the sake of budgeting, consider how many times a baby will wear a particular dress, and make decisions on how much you're willing to pay for it based on this estimation.

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