Hunting Clothes for Boy

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Selecting the right hunting clothes for boy hunters really depends on the type of hunting that will be done as well as the climate and hunting area.

Select the Right Hunting Clothes for Your Child

Before you head out on a shopping trip for hunting clothes for boy hunters, consider the type of hunting your children will be participating in. Do they only need clothes that are suitable for a hike in the woods, or are they backpacking into rough country where the terrain can change from fields to thick forests? A hunt that consists of a few hours of sitting in a tree or tracking an animal through nearby woods may only require a pair of camouflage pants, camouflage shirt and boots. Even if this is the case, however, you'll want to put some type of safety clothing on your kids, like a bright orange safety vest or a bright orange hat.

Choose Clothes That Suit the Climate

The climate of the area also plays a significant role in the type of clothing worn. For example, boys who enjoy duck hunting need waterproof pants and boots, since they will very likely be wading into areas that are marshy and wet. In addition, hunting in any kind of cold climate means wearing insulated hunting clothes, including thermal underwear, insulated and waterproof gloves, warm hats and layers of clothing that can be removed or added as necessary. Again, some type of safety item should be added to the outfit, so that the child is easily identifiable by other hunters in the area.

Tips About Clothing Material

While waterproof and insulated hunting clothes have already been mentioned, there are several other points that should be considered in regards to choosing hunting clothes for boy hunters.

Tough fabrics - In many cases, hunting prey in woods and fields means an encounter with briars, bristles and thorns. If this is the case, clothing material that is sturdy, including heavy canvas and thick nylon, can protect tender skin from nicks and cuts as your child tramps through the woods.

Minimize noise - There is another consideration that must be mentioned, however. Some hunting clothes actually make a lot of noise, and the rustling will warn any animals in the area that hunters are nearby. If this is a worry and the weather isn't wrought with moisture, consider purchasing wool or fleece pants, shirts and jackets.

Minimize scent - Animals are often attuned to the scent of humans. If this is a concern, consider adding activated charcoal between the layers of clothing that will hide some if not all of the human scent.

Tips for Selecting Hunting Boots

The purchase of hunting boots is just as important as the selection of the clothes your child wears. When it comes to boots, the range of availability and price is often quite broad. However, no matter how much or how little you spend on boots, be sure you purchase a size that will accommodate at least two pairs of socks. The boots you buy should be waterproof. In addition, if your child is still growing, buying boots that are larger than necessary may allow him to use them for two hunting seasons instead of one.

Where to Find Boys' Hunting Clothes

Where can you purchase boys' hunting clothes? Try your local consignment shops, online auctions like eBay and online classifieds like Craiglist. In addition, sports equipment stores like Dick's Sporting Goods often feature a good selection. If you are ordering online, check out Cabela's, where you'll find a large selection of infants' and kids' hunting clothes. Choose from the following:

  • Youth insulated camo coveralls
  • Mad Dog jacket and pants
  • Drake Strata Systems coat and pullover
  • Dri-Fowl pants
  • Dri-Fowl parkas
  • Insulated camo bib overalls
  • Camo hooded insulated jackets
  • Silent Suede Dry-Plus insulated coveralls
  • Silent Suede Dry-Plus insulated 4-in-1 parka
  • Windshield fleece jacket

Make the Right Choices

Choosing the correct hunting clothes for your child can make the difference in a fun or uncomfortable hunting adventure.

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