Girls in Dresses

Girls in dresses are cute in any season. For spring and summer, sleeveless dresses, with or without cardigans, are appropriate, while long-sleeve dresses work for fall and winter.

Girls in dresses are appropriate for school, church, parties and play dates -- in short, anytime a girl wants to wants to wear her cutest dress!

Bright and Cheery

Flowers are always popular on girls' clothing and dresses are no exception. This colorful dress is perfect for spring or summer.

Plaid and Ribbons

This adorable dress with matching cardigan would be a cute "first day of school" outfit.

All Dressed Up

This dressy dress can be worn to religious services or parties. Lots of little girls love to get dressed up, whether in fancy clothes or garments from Mom's closet!

Girly Details

It doesn't get much more girly than eyelets and pink ribbons. For girls who love being girls, this is a simple and sweet option.

Two Girls in Dresses

Two girls in matching dresses don't have to be twins to be just as adorable. These warm-weather dresses are perfect for relaxing in.

Girl In Action

Active girls are constantly on the move. If you have a little climber or jumper, consider putting a pair of shorts beneath her dress.

Perfect for Parties

This lovely dress would look great at holiday or birthday parties. Some of the prettiest dresses, like this, are simple in detail.

A Finishing Touch

Floral accessories in a girl's hair add a cute touch. These matching flowers are just what this outfit needs for an extra dose of adorableness.

Looking for other cute girls' outfits? Try something different but just as sweet with girls in overalls.

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Girls in Dresses