Girls Tights

girls tights

Having a selection of girls' tights in your little girl's wardrobe is a great way to add some fashion flair, as well as keep her legs warm during chilly weather.

Tights aren't only for dancers, although, if you parent an aspiring ballerina, you know how necessary pink tights can be in the dance studio. Tights are now as much a part of a stylish girl's wardrobe as they are for many women. There's a wide range of designs that run the gamut from basic and simple (perfect for wearing with school uniforms or patterned skirts) to trendy and whimsical. Part of the fun of shopping for girls' clothing is being able to select funky and whimsical styles that adults might look silly in!

About Tights

Besides wearing tights to dance class, girls can wear these incredibly versatile items to school and on weekends. During fall and winter, thick girls' tights can keep little legs quite warm, especially for girls who just don't want to wear pants. Tights work beneath skirts, but can also be worn under slacks for additional warm layers. Thick cotton is good for cold weather tights, while lightweight nylon is better for warm weather.

For special occasions, as when a girl wears a fancy party dress to a wedding or other dressy event, she may feel that her lightweight girls' tights mimic Mom's stockings. Girls who love to emulate their moms will appreciate feeling "all grown up" in their pretty tights.

For young girls, thick tights tend to last longer and aren't as easy to tear or rip. Toddlers and girls up to age eight or nine may need a parent's help getting into tights because the fit is snug and it can take some maneuvering to get them on without the tights being uncomfortably twisted or not fitted properly from the toes all the way up.


For some parents, buying the right size can seem complicated. Tights are typically sized to correspond to a girl's age, so tights that are size four to six will fit girls who wear that size in clothing. It's usually a good idea to buy tights on the larger end, so if a girl wears a size five dress, buying tights in size six will ensure that they fit and allow some growing room. Otherwise, the tights may not come all the way up and fit over her stomach up to her waist. Tights should fit snugly to the crotch and cover the belly button for the most comfortable fit.

Designs and Styles

There's no end to the funky tight styles around for girls today. While you can always find plain tights, you'll also find tights featuring:

  • Polka dots
  • Stripes
  • Flowers
  • Paisley
  • Bows
  • Hearts

Tights are available in a huge selection of fun colors that little girls will love, such as pink, purple, blue, green and more. Bold, highly patterned tights look best with simple outfits, while dresses that have a lot of visual interest won't have to compete with plain tights.

Where to Buy Girls' Tights

Girls' tights are relatively easy to find. You'll find them in department and discount stores everywhere, and they're often in stock all year long. Besides your favorite kids' stores, these online retailers carry girls' tights in a wide selection of colors, patterns and styles:

From Tights to Stockings

You'll find tights for babies, toddlers and young girls in a wide range of styles that work for any occasion. An inexpensive accessory, they're great for adding some flair or protecting legs from the cold. And before you know it, that little girl will outgrow tights and ask for grown-up stockings instead!

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Girls Tights