Girls Sundress Styles

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confectionary knot dress
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Cheerful Dresses for Warm Weather

Sundresses are a staple for girls of all ages in the spring and summer. They're light, breezy, cute, and versatile. With so many styles available you're sure to find the perfect sundress for your favorite little girl.

Cheerful, colorful, and patterned, this dress is a perfect example of what to wear during the warmer months of the year. It's available in sizes two through 10 (about $60.00), and features flowers, ruffles, and flower-shaped buttons. This dress is good for little girls who love wearing the most colorful dresses possible.

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lilt sleeveless high low dress
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Complementary Colors

Welcome spring and summer with beautiful color schemes and floral patterns. This floral and lace dress is available for older girls in sizes seven to 16. It features a trendy high-low hem and combines a beautiful mint shade with hot pink, ideal for fashion-forward young girls. It's available for around $60.00.

green lizard dress
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Perfect for the Beach

This dress can easily be dressed up or down for days at the beach or special events. The ruching, spaghetti straps, and elevated hem in the back add visual interest to the solid green, 100 percent cotton dress. It's available in sizes three to 12.

pear sundress
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Simple White with Birds

This is a relatively simple white, organic cotton dress for girls who wear sizes 2Y to 14Y. It's solid in tone aside from the bird motif detail at the top, making it an excellent choice for family photos where everyone's wearing lighter shades. The high waist ensures plenty of room for an exceptionally flared skirt, which little girls will love to twirl. It's available for just over $130.00.

flaired printed dress
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Unexpected Prints

Little girls love swingy skirts that flare out as they move. In addition to the flared skirt, this dress features quite a bit of unusual detail, from the buckles on the shoulder straps to the night print motif in a beige and black color scheme. It's especially lovely for those who want something a bit outside the norm. It's made from cotton and linen and available in sizes 3/4Y to 11/12Y. It's priced at just over $500.00.

pillowcase dress
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Great for Playtime

This is a fun-loving dress in the pillowcase style. It features the ever-girly floral print on pink with leopard print accents and is available in sizes seven through 10 for just over $20.00. This is great for tweens and almost-tweens who want something beyond pastels and ruffles, but aren't ready for a lot of the trendy styles in the mall stores for teens.

striped sailor dress
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Sailor Style

If there's one style that comes back year after year in the summer, it's the sailor style featuring navy and white, usually with stripes. That means there's potential for this dress to get more wear from other girls (siblings or cousins, perhaps) in future years. This dress is available in sizes seven through 16, and it features buttons and thin stripes (vertical, diagonal, and horizontal) along the bodice. The skirt is made up of three larger horizontal stripes. Expect to pay around $30.00 for this one.

chambray easter dress
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Chambray and Flowers

This is described as an Easter dress, but it'll be perfect well into late spring and summer with its mixture of pink, yellow, white, and chambray. The bodice is made of cotton and the skirt is polyester. The ric rac trim at the waist and daisies along the shoulder straps make this such a sweet, girly choice for girls who wear sizes seven through 10. Expect to pay about $20.00.

callie sailor dress
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A Summer Staple

Here's an example of an adorable sailor-style dress for little girls, for just under $70.00. This one, available in a gorgeous pale blue, features the classic sailor collar and more understated stripes, this time along the trim. This is a fun dress for summer outings and family gatherings. Monogramming is available, and the dress comes in sizes 12M to 6Y.

white sibby dress
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Traditional Style for Older Girls

This sundress offers a grown-up feel for older girls, despite the ruffles and sash. It's available in white or hot pink swiss dot for around $70.00, in sizes two through 12. It's adorable on younger girls and a beautiful compromise for tweens who may be looking for more grown-up options than they're used to.

simon dress
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Timeless Designs with Detail

The palest pink stands out well in the summer sun, and this dress is no exception. Its timeless design combines ric rac details and grosgrain bows with 100 percent cotton that's easy to care for. It's available for just over $70.00 in sizes four to 10, and it can even be monogrammed. This is a great dress to hold onto for future generations.

spiced clove dress
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Pretty Patterns for Spring and Summer

With white lace, coral accents, gingham, floral, ruffles, and an A-line shape, this is the epitome of a great, girly sundress. It is available in sizes two through 10 and coordinates with other kids' pieces from the line, making family photos easy to coordinate. It's just over $60.00.

Sundresses don't change much through the years. They're usually A-line cut, bright or pastel, and unbelievably cute. They're easy to wear during playtime and special occasions, making them a winning choice for summer style.

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Girls Sundress Styles