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Softball players, and parents with children on teams, need everything from girls' helmets and clothing to specialized accessories, such as girls' softball socks. Softball socks can be made of different materials, but all have in common that they are long--just under the knee--and often coordinate in color with the uniform of the team. Practices are a good time to have fun with softball socks that have fun designs or are your favorite colors instead of your team's colors.

Brands Making Girls' Softball Socks

Some brands make socks for multiple sports and for both sexes. Augusta and Teamwork are two brands that sell softball/baseball socks in sizes for both adult men and women as well as young boys and girls. Offering a wide array of colors, these brands appeal to boys and girls, and can coordinate with just about any uniform color. Both Augusta and Teamwork brand softball/baseball socks can be bought in sporting goods stores, or online at Homegrown Sporting Goods, where full softball uniforms can be purchased as well.

Materials in Softball Socks

Most softball socks are a blend of several materials: polyester, nylon, cotton, acrylic, and elastic. Blending several materials is important for both the moisture-wicking properties of the socks, as well as the appearance of the socks with your uniform. With the short pants typical of many baseball and softball uniforms, socks shouldn't look like they are sagging away from the leg. The blending of nylon and elastic into the socks helps them keep their shape, as well as contributing to a shiny appearance. Polyester generally looks nicer than cotton; however, cotton is more comfortable than polyester. Hence, the materials are blended to get the most out of each one.

Buying Softball Clothing & Accessories

Some websites offer everything that young athletes need. While general active girls clothing can be purchased at Target or Wal-Mart, many of the specialized accessories are unavailable at general shops. Although softball socks might be found at Target, the particular team sock to match a uniform will most likely have to be specially-ordered. Order socks and uniforms for your whole team all at once to minimize shipping costs and maybe even receive a bulk discount on your purchase.

Buying Softball Clothing Online

Awesome-Sports offers a full range of softball clothing and accessories from children's baseball pants to softball socks in many colors and designs. Order your team's game socks in the color of your uniform, or go for fun polka-dotted or zebra-striped socks for practice. Custom socks can also be ordered with the name of your team printed on the socks in any color you choose. specializes in all sporting equipment for softball players. In addition to adult sizes and styles, youth styles in every category can be found, albeit often with fewer options than for adult items.

Sweet and Powerful is a webshop specializing in sports equipment for girls. From softball to volleyball, this website features everything that athletes need, plus some items that are just for fun, and certainly several styles to make daily practices fun and playful.

Wear and Tear

Softball socks frequently washed and dried may detoriate quickly. Let socks air dry if possible, and follow the washing recommendations of each pair of socks as different materials respond well to different washing temperatures. Buy socks with reinforced areas in the ball of the foot and the heel in order to maximize how long the socks last, and always buy a few more pairs of socks than you anticipate needing so that you're never caught pulling on socks that still have evidence of the last base slide on them--unless of course that's the fashion on your team!

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Girls Softball Socks