Girls Long Socks

girls long socks

While girls' long socks seem to go hand-in-hand with schoolgirl skirts, these accessories can jazz up a girl's look in many other ways as well.

How many times have you seen a girl heading to school in a plaid skirt, long white socks and Mary Jane shoes? This is a familiar and adorable first day of school look that many parents have seen time and time again. While long white socks probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon, there are many other varieties of knee-high socks that a young girl will love to wear.

Styles of Girls' Long Socks

If your little girl likes funky socks, there's no end to the different kinds she can get. Crazy socks aren't made to hide beneath a pair of jeans-they're for showing off! These socks are great for the girl who wants to express her individuality and create her own style.

  • Little Miss Matched has a fun variety of knee-high socks for girls that you won't find anywhere else. What you get in a set are three socks in complementary colors, but slightly different patterns. So yes, they're mismatched, but purposely! At least you won't have to run around frantic on a school morning looking for a matched pair.
  • Absolute Socks carries socks in different lengths, including novelty knee-high socks that are whimsical and colorful. They supply socks in sizes from babies up to about age eight.

Other places that carry long socks include department stores like:

  • JCPenney
  • Kohl's
  • Sears
  • Dillard's
  • Beall's

Sticking to the Basics

Although novelty socks are perfect for showcasing some personality, if you want a basic pair in white, blue or charcoal (especially for girls who wear school uniforms and are only allowed simple socks), you can usually find those in the girls clothing section of department stores where underwear and tights are sold.

An Alternative to Tights

While some girls love tights, others find them uncomfortable. Girls' long socks are a good alternative for keeping little legs warm during cool weather if you have a girl who's resistant to tights. Socks are much easier to get in and out of. Plus, with the maneuvering that tights sometimes require, you're less likely to rip a pair of socks when trying to get them on!

Wearing Long Socks

So what can a girl wear her long socks with? Skirts are an obvious choice, but she can also pair her knee-high socks with pants if she needs an extra layer of warmth in the fall and winter. Other ways to jazz up an outfit with long socks include:

  • Wearing them with dresses: You can pair lacy dress socks with a party dress or casual, striped socks with a denim jumper.
  • Wearing them with skorts: Skorts look like skirts from the outside, but provide the coverage of shorts, which is important for girls who like to run, jump and climb.
  • With casual or dressy casual shoes: Girls can slip their knee-high socks into sneakers or Mary Janes.

The Sporty Set

Girls' long socks aren't only for school or dressy events. For girls who participate in sports, long socks are often part of the uniform. You'll see girls in long socks playing:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Softball or baseball
  • Flag football

When looking for sporty socks, you'll usually find them in athletic stores or where athletic supplies are sold. Girls have quite a range of choices in their sporty attire today, unlike during earlier decades when girls weren't encouraged to play sports. So you can find soccer socks with girly accents like pink stripes or patterns.

The Versatile Sock

Socks are a staple in nearly everyone's wardrobe, so you don't have to be a schoolgirl to appreciate them. Whether you're looking for basic colors and patterns, or you have a girl who wants to express herself with a zany pair of bold socks, there are as many different kinds of socks out there as there are girls who love them!

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Girls Long Socks